Now-a-days Kaftan / Caftan became much familiar to our daily life. Sometimes people used to wear it for casual purpose, sometimes for relaxation and sometimes to show their aristocracy. Whatever the matters are I do love to wear kaftans and as a fusion lover I love to customize it in my own way.


Kaftan is kind of a tunic style garment which origins from ancient Mesopotamia. This loose fitted garment, used to be adopted by the people of different cultures, different climates and different   purposes. They customized those as per their requirement by love, passion and necessity.


My kaftan is of Georgette fabric which itself a fusion. Because kaftan basically made of wool, cashmere, silk or cotton. I did look a little out by using a silver belt to change the normal scenario. Beads are always my high passion. So when it comes to place beaded jewelry I never fail the opportunity.


Black jeans and black sandals make my style the accurate one.



Outfit Details :-

Kaftan : RUDRITA

Neckpiece : RUDRITA

Earrings : RUDRITA

Bracelet, Belt & Ring : New Market, Kolkata

I hope you enjoyed the post. Love to hear how you make kaftans more stylish. Write me at


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    Nice and informative.


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