I always admire the fashion statement of North Bengal of India. The style statement they evolved into is quite different from the other part of India. My recent trip to Darjeeling is something that really defines these words. Darjeeling is literally the queen of West Bengal state in India. The Himalayan range is kind of a throne for making Darjeeling a splendid one.

Consisting of Nepali, Lepchas, Bhutias, Tibetans and others, Darjeeling have a mixed cultural society which clearly reflects on their fashion statement. People of Darjeeling are hardworking and always keep themselves engage with different works. But the most important part of their lifestyle is they work with fun. They stay happily and make their tourists happy. Although I felt something which can be described as beyond happiness 😀 .
Forwarding to the point where I can get my cup of tea is fashion. Talking about street fashion, Darjeeling is pretty rich. People love to keep indulge themselves in changing fashion. Staying with proper style statement is a part of their lives. Street shops are wealthy enough by their stocks and styles. You can find everything for your style statement in these streets. I have found much useful the market, situated in the extended path of Mall Road. From casual tees to woolen garments, from flip flops to sneakers, from scarves to other accessories, this place is a den for fashion addicts. Influenced by the culture and grassroots fashion, Darjeeling is one of the best place in India to make overall appearance atypical.

Darjeeling is a prime example of statement making fashion. This place is the one which defines how to make daily fashion in a cheap price. One whole look can be completed by 500 INR ( Yes, I am talking about from top to bottom including accessories ) . What to want more! You can always bargain ( as Indian consider it to be their birth right 😉 ) but I suggest you to be a little bit more polite. Most of the sellers are small scaled business holders and they work with quite a lesser profit.
So next time when you are planning to go to a place where you can find great fashion inspirations, don’t forget to check out Darjeeling. Trust me you will never regret and be super satisfied! Hills, green and colours of fashion will let you spellbound. State Government is always there to help their tourists and beautification process is always in their priority list.



Buying from street in Darjeeling


Bhutia shopkeeper


In Mall road market


Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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