Okay! So it is my first post after coming back from Thailand and yes, I am too tired. But Kolkata’s monsoon is quite enough to gear me up. It was a great trip and I have enjoyed the every single moment of traveling this country. Pattaya is a city of beach and attractive beach lives. I am sharing with you the skin care and beauty goodies I have carried with me while I was traveling to Pattaya as sea beach means a lot of skin tans and so on. Here’s my skin care pouch!


Pattaya Beauty guide


Cleanser by Khadi – Cleansing your skin properly is the mother step of skin care specially while you’re spending your vacation. I have found the Khadi Herbal Cleansing Milk much useful for my sensitive skin. It really becomes too tiresome to process a long skin care after a great trip day. So, I usually prefer simple yet worthy enough steps to keep my skin Thailand glowing 🙂 .


Khadi cleansing milk


Toner by Ma Earth Botanicals – Next is toning. I prefer this for instant soothing feeling. This rose water infused toner hydrated my skin hugely. The best part of this product is this is 100% alcohol free and steam-distilled.


Ma earth botanicals


Moisturiser by Khadi – Proper amount of moisture in your skin is the only way to keep your skin alive while you are in Pattaya. Firstly it’s rose and honey flavour literally makes your mind so relaxing. Keeps your sleep a tighter one 😀 . Ha ha! Those apart, it comforted my skin through out my trip. It hydrates the skin leaving a super soft feeling.


Khadi moisturiser


Sunscreen Gel by Shahnaz Husain – This is the only jewel to your skin. I always prefer sunscreen gel rather than sunscreen lotion as my skin type is mixed one. And this single product is mature enough to fight against sun tan. I love it’s texture which is non oily. Always choose one kind of sunscreen which is waterproof while you’re in a beach. This was my bestie through out my travel 🙂 .


shahnaz husain nano sunscreen gel


Face Wash by Shahnaz Husain – Try to wash your face several times while you’re in Pattaya. Beach, sun and streets always make your skin polluted. So I always try to wash my skin ( whenever I get a break to do so 😉 ). It keeps your skin healthier one.


Shahnaz Husain neem tulsi face wash


Lip Balm by Fuschia – When it comes to my lip therapy while my Pattaya trip, I always do prefer lip balm. This lip balm smells so yummy that I would love to eat it 😉 . Lip balm hydrates your skin and give protection from sun and pollution. So this is one of the essential when you are in a beach holiday.


Fuschia lip balm


Wet Tissue – I always carry wet tissues in my beach bag as sometimes I changed my mind to remove my all makeup on the go. This gentle fragrant tissues cleansed my skin leaving a fresh faced look. Love it!


Johnson and johnson wet tissue


I always have to combine different beauty products while I’m traveling. Because of my sensitive skin. This combination made my trip brighter like my skin.
Outfit Details:

Beauty Products: Khadi + Ma Earth Botanicals + Shahnaz Husain + Johnson & Johnson

Top + Shorts: Pattaya Thepprasit Market

Sarong: Coral Island, Pattaya.

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Location: Sunshine Garden Resort and Coral Island, Pattaya.


Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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