Few days earlier Ozone Ayurvedics sent me their Ozone Acne Healing Facial Kit which is a complete solution for my skin type people (I mean sensitive skin). Especially in summer days, it becomes more repulsive as our skin tends to be the open platform for bacterial infections. Direct exposure to UV rays makes our skin difficult to breathe properly. This Acne Healing Facial Kit works great to get clear and pimple free skin. It works as a nourishment and optimal hydration to the skin to treat excessive acne in one go.

Acne Healing Facial Kit includes 6 products and thus it follows 6 individual steps:

Step – 1

Ozone Neem Cleanser For Acne: Wet a cotton pad with this cleanser and gently dab it over the active acne and prone areas as well. Clean the face and neck softly.

Rudrita X Ozone Ayurvedics

Step – 2

Ozone Sanitizing Acne Beads: Apply this on the skin and leave it for 5-7 minutes. Massage gently with finger tips in circular motion.

Rudrita X Ozone Ayurvedics

Step – 3

Ozone Acne Healing Serumoid: Apply with finger tips on face and neck avoiding eyes and lips. Massage lightly in circular motion until it gets absorbed.

Rudrita X Ozone Ayurvedics

Step – 4

Ozone Acne Healing Gel: Apply and gently massage in circular motion for 10-15 minutes avoiding eyes and lips. Wipe off with a damp towel.

Rudrita X Ozone Ayurvedics

Step – 5

Ozone Acne Healing Mask: Apply evenly on face and neck avoiding eyes and lips. Keep it for 10-15 minutes. Let it dry. Massage and wipe it off with moist cotton.

Rudrita X Ozone Ayurvedics

Step – 6

Ozone Acne Check Hydrant: Take sufficient quantity of this and apply on face and neck. Massage lightly until it gets absorbed.

Rudrita X Ozone Ayurvedics

Makes skin clean, refreshed and glowing.


The kit prices ₹2000.


Use thrice in a month for best result.

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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