We might miss our regular skin care routine in our daily busy life but when festive season knocks our doors, all of a sudden we want to make ourselves dazzling. A thought of getting spotless beauty haunt us. Especially in my case, regular photo shoots, makeup and busy schedule are quite enough reasons to make myself a laziest person for taking care of skin properly and being festive ready. But I have to be perfectly ready to welcome all the festivals. 🙂 So here are some simple steps and tips to dazzle this festive season with spotless skin:

1) Drink Water Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated from inside. It helps to flush away all types of impurities and toxins from body which automatically give clean and fresh face. Washing out impurities and toxins means reduced breakouts and acnes. So it is one of the most important part of skin care.

2) Regular CTM Process – This step consists of cleansing, toning and moisturising. Take generous amount of any cleansing milk or oil according to the skin type and apply all over your face. Massage for 5 to 6 minutes and remove it using a damp cotton ball or pad. Then apply toner and let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes. After that apply moisturiser or night cream and massage for good 2 to 3 minutes and left it for overnight. This process helps skin to be healthy, take breathe and relax.

3) Exfoliate Skin – Exfoliation is another important step. Exfoliate skin using a good exfoliator at least thrice in a week. Homemade scrubbers are also great. This step helps to remove dead skin cells from skin and gives smooth, clear, soft and glowing skin.

4) Use Face Mask – Use a good face mask twice in a week. After cleaning the face it is obvious to apply a face mask as it closes the open pores. Choose a face mask according to the skin type. Apply all over the face and wash it off with normal water after it dries out. You can go for sheet masks as well if you don’t have much time. This step will give nourished, supple and glowing skin.

5) Bleach Just Before Those Festive Days – This is an amazing step to get instant glow. Al though it is very hard to find a good bleach that suits skin. I have tried quite a few of the brands but couldn’t find the best until I have used VLCC Diamond Bleach. OMG! This is a genuine love and the best bleach for women. Just few steps and you are ready to dazzle. I recommend this as this Diamond bhasma enriched bleach gives an instant glow and sparkling fairness to the skin. It detoxifies skin, rehydrates skin instantly and makes skin radiant. But the cherry on the top is ‘VLCC’, the brand you can trust blindly.



Few Warnings:
> Always make a patch test before using this. If it feels allergic then don’t try this. Mild irritation is normal but if it starts itching or burning then removes it immediately.
> Avoid sun after doing bleach. So better to do it in the evening.
> Don’t apply on inflamed, chapped and irritated skin.
> Always avoid eye areas.
> Don’t bleach after taking hot bath. Open pores increase sensitivity.
> Never use metal containers or applicators with cream bleach.
> Don’t save the mixture for re-use. Use it immediately after mixing.

6) Facial Massage – Facial massage gives natural radiance as it helps to improve blood circulation. Choose a facial massage cream according to the skin type and massage twice in a week. Better to do it after sunset. It will make skin nourished and moistured.

7) Early to Bed – Try to sleep early before the festive days (better to do that throughout the year). It makes skin glowing, bouncy and translucent. Even it reduces break outs, under eye dark circles and dryness of skin. A good 7 to 8 hours of sleep makes skin healthy.

8) Eat Fruits and Vegetables – Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. These will give radiant, spot or blemish free skin. Drink detox water daily to replenish the lost glow of skin.

So get ready to glam up this festive season with spotless, glowing skin just following these simple steps.

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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