Last week, I returned from a fantastic and action packed trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia with AirAsia. The trip has just passed in the blink of an eye. It was of so many wonderful experiences, activities, scrumptious foods, luxurious hotels, beaches and different places in Johor. I have heard a lot about Johor Bahru previously. But the thing boggles my mind the most about Johor is the mixture of man-made beauties and natural beauties. As a traveller I always prefer to travel in less money (what works in my mind is to invest less in transports than staying 😀 ) and AirAsia is crème de la crème of other flights in this matter.

AirAsia is just going to start their first direct flight from Kolkata to Johor Bahru on 28th November,this year. The announcement came as a Pre-Christmas gift for all the Indian and Malaysian tourists as well. AirAsia has already gifted Indian tourists a lot of affordable direct and connecting flights from different cities. So this became another cherry on the cake for travellers. Because Johor has a lot to offer and AirAsia has too much comfort to give.




Bengalis are always passionate about roaming around almost every furthest corner of the world. Being globetrotter is our hobby and thus Johor is an absolute new vacation destination for us. AirAsia has already their connecting flight to Johor Bahru from Kolkata: Kolkata to Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur to Johor. Now when tourists will get a direct flight, it would be easier for them to travel more and explore more than ever. Because direct flights are economic and hassle free.





Johor Bahru is the city for everyone. From children, honeymooners to elderly people: everybody can be part of enjoyment and entertainment. Parks like Lego Land, Angry Birds theme park, Hello Kitty or Johor Zoo are enough for kids to full their dream vacation. Again if it is specially curated for honeymooners, then Johor is full of luxurious hotels, resorts, beaches and islands. Historical places, fruits farms can be the focal point of Johor for any age. Here are some glimpses of Johor…







I hope now you have good reasons to enjoy Johor. AirAsia is all set to take you off!

A lot about my Malaysia trip is coming up soon.

Photographs by me.
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