Now that I just returned back from my Malaysia trip few things are scribbling my mind. One of those is Shoes. Yes! SHOES. I have seen huge collection of shoes there: local brands to big brands all. But I don’t know why then I felt too lazy to shop anything. And now I feel like that is truly disappointing 🙁 . An absurd state of mind. 😀 But ‘nothing is permanent’ 😛 😀 . I have found something really interesting, something absolutely alluring. I couldn’t help myself from creating a lust list of Gold Dress Shoes and Red Dress Shoe Series of FSJ Shoes.

FSJ shoes have huge collection of lucrative Dress Shoes. These shoes are snugly but luxurious. Perfect for party or wedding as well. Even their collection can be used as regular wear also. And the best part about shopping from FSJ is that they provide free worldwide shipping. So no extra cost for shipment.

Here’s my best-loved ones. Which one’s your favourite?

All shoppable links are given directly to the images.














All the images are taken from FSJ’s website but every single word of this post is mine.


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