Every time I am on the hunt for short feminine dresses that are comfortable and pretty, I always stuck onto something of creative patterns and simply that makes me happy. The moment I start searching for something unique, it used to be in my mind that I have to create a look assembling every single components for a complete style. Being ‘stylish’ doesn’t mean that it has to be something that trending now-a-days. It is something that makes one stylish and gives comfort as well.
So here’s a bunch of handy tips and tricks on how you can look chic with comfy (and obviously spending less time and effort 😉 😛 ) :



1. Outfits:
Choose those outfits that suit you. Not something that is in trend or uncomfortable but you have to adopt. Even our old wardrobe also makes wonders sometimes. All we need to do is let our minds to think creatively. Organise your wardrobe in particular sections, like: dresses, tops, jeans and so on.




2. Footwear:
Keep updated yourself with flats and sneakers because it will always pay you back whenever you suffer from ‘shoe-crisis’. These basics are for almost everything. From denims to dresses. Even if you are a fusion lover then it would be great choices. However, if dresses are your thing then keep some comfortable mules or chunky heels.



3. Accessories:
Sunglasses, bags and simple statement pieces are apt for casuals to party wears. These make effortlessly any look stunning. An accessory plays a vital role in making yourself stylish. So mix and match your accessories with outfit and play creative.



4. Makeup:
I skip foundation and concealer in my go-to makeup look. I prefer BB Cream or a tinted moisturiser for that. It doesn’t make sense to put on heavy makeup for being stylish as BB Cream have the power to make you radiant with natural look (this is how I think 🙂 ). If you are a Kohl person then you are just few steps to become stylish. Apply simple strokes or make smoky eyes: it works way too much! Pat little amount of blush onto the cheeks and eye shadow according to the look. For lips, go for liquid lipsticks so that it stays longer.


5. Hair:
I prefer to keep my hair open. It has that different power which makes more stylish. If you have slightly wavy hair like me then it is good to apply a bit of leave-in-conditioner, let it dry and you are good to go. Flat ironing or hair curling gives a nice language to your style statement. Not a big fan of leaving hair just like that? Try a classic top knot or stylised braids.



So here are some of the secrets of being stylish. But remember being stylish is not only a term. It is all about being you from inside which makes yourself confident enough. Be confident! Be stylish!


Outfit Details:
Dress – H&M
Footwear – Theprasit market, Pattaya
Hand Accessory – Forever 21
Sunglasses – Forever 21

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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