I always felt that there are so many places around the world that can be enough to multiply travel madness of travellers. Malaysia has all those elements to give that madness which pervades over everything. After coming back from my Johor Bahru trip, I strongly realised that Johor is the perfect place for globetrotters. This southernmost tip of mainland Asia can not only be considered as just gateway to our destinations of our choice, this city has a lot of stories tucked away amidst the clutter as well. So I am going to share top 10 places to visit while traveling to Johor.

1. Kota Iskandar – Kota Iskandar, a place to experience Johor’s history and culture. This considers as the site of the modern administrative capital of Johor. Situated on 320 acres of well-maintained gardens and parks, it was declared open by the Late Sultan of Johor, Sultan Iskandar on April 2009. It is home to 6000 civil servants, serving the State and Federal Government offices. The State Administrative Centre, consisting of the State Legislative Building, the Chief Minister’s Office etc. is the main centres of the state administration.





2. Laman Makhota – This is one of the best places in Johor where hours and hours can easily be spent. Situating at the entrance of the Istana Bukit Serene, it is the most popular place of Johor which is as huge as its popularity. This is 20.9 metre in height and 60 metre in width, supported by four concrete arches which symbolise the crowning glory of the Johor Sultanate. In the middle of the structure is the Crown which is literally massive: 2800 kgs and adorned with 3063 crystals in 17 varying sizes and colours comprising of green, white, red, pink and purple.




3. Dapor Warisan – This is the place where you can taste the authentic Malaysian food like Nasi Ambeng, Laksa etc. Situating in the inside of Sultan Abu Bakar Heritage complex, it has a very nice ambience surrounding with Malaysian culture. You can enjoy traditional Malaysian dance and music while enjoying food. It is a must visited place to get the Malaysian flavour of food and culture.




4. Desaru Fruit Farm – Desaru Fruit Farm is one of my mostly liked places. Full of agricultural views. Spreading across 100 acres of land with more than 100 of tropical fruits, herbs and plants. Here you get to know about different types of honey. They serve a huge fruit buffet (it is really huge!). They also provide kart rides and fruit farm tour packages. Desaru FruiIt Farm has fish ponds and petting zoo as well.




5. Legoland – Legoland is a place which attracts almost every age category people. Nothing to explain about children experience over there 🙂 . But adults who want to make mind light, has handful of games to enjoy. It was opened in September 2012. I have found something really interesting: The Miniland where Asian landmarks from 17 countries are displayed in the form of Legobricks. This also includes our own the Taj Mahal 😀 .




6. Angry Birds Theme Park – This is another fun packed place for kids. Situating at the top floor of the Komtar JBCC shopping mall, this is a playground for children. Everything over there is Angry Birds themed. It was officially opened in October 2014. They also have Angry Birds Shop where we can get toys like famous cartoon characters in all colours.




7. Sanrio Hello Kitty Town – The Japanese themed Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is one of the famous places for children. Opened in 2012 and from that time it became a landmark to the Johor. It was the first Hello Kitty Town which was opened outside Japan. People who visit there can find different walk-through attractions with interactive activities. The iconic Kitty House with everything needed to make a cozy home is such a wonder. A stage is there where Hello Kitty and her friends perform an amazing live performance.



8. The ELS Club Desaru Coast – Although Golf is not my cup of tea but I love to see the green all around the corner of a golf course. If you are a golf lover (even sports lovers) then you have to visit this luxury golf course. The three nine hole loops, The Lakes, The Coast and The Ridge, make up the distinct course layout. The 45000 sq ft clubhouse affords a view of the Desaru Coast, South China Sea and green grass. This club has two casual dining restaurants, shopping area dedicated to only golf associated things and golf academy.




9. Johor Premium Outlet – Johor Premium Outlet or JPO is nothing but a place of shopper’s bliss. It has wide range of luxury branded stuffs. Brands like Burberry, Michael Kors, Coach and many more are there to give an optimum luxury shopping experience. Opened in December 2011, it has now almost 130 outlets with various imported brands, ranging from leather stuff to watches and clothing to shoes. Food and drinks outlets make the shopping experience more pleasant.



10. Rawa Island – If I need to explain Rawa Island in a phrase then it should be like, ‘A utopia of wonder struck’. A small piece of heaven on earth. Its scenic beauty, blue South China Sea, coral reef and white sand are absolutely mesmerising. Owned by Sultan of Johor, this private beach is well maintained and less crowded. There is a water park for all ages. Beside that there are different water sports like surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving etc. to amuse everybody.




Johor Bahru is a city of numerous activities. From scenic beauty, culture, heritage to food and amusement, this city has the full package to make your vacation a memorable one.

How to reach Johor?
Senai International Airport is located near Johor which is approximately 32 km north-west of the city centre. This airport is well connected with different cities and countries. Senai airport is a hub for AirAsia. AirAsia flies directly from Kolkata to Johor Bahru. Johor is well connected with Kuala Lumpur by flights, buses, trains and taxis.

When to visit Johor?
The best time to visit Johor is March to September.



Photographs by Me.
My photographs courtesy: Bhargav
JPO & Hello Kitty Image – Johor Tourism Website

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