My Malaysia Shopping Haul

I am so excited to share my Malaysia Shopping Haul! Malaysia is without a doubt one of my favourite place till the date and the shopping experience over there was absolutely ideal for my kinda people ( who can’t stop herself from shopping until she spends all her money and time 😛 😀  ). I know it’s quite a few time I came back from my Malaysia trip, but I didn’t post my this haul blog yet. Because of the pictures. I haven’t clicked my shopping products (Too many things >assemble >photo shoots, feeling lazy  🙁  ) . Lately I realised I have to make it happen as by this post you all get a fair idea of shopping from Malaysia.



So let’s see what I bought. My merchandises were mainly categorised into 3 different parts: outfits and accessories, makeup products and souvenirs.

Outfits & Accessories: I have found some awesome Malaysian clothing brands over there. Johor Premium Outlet was full of premium luxury brands. I found Padini (a Malaysian brand) outlet at Johor where I have bought one round-neck t-shirt and a high-neck top. Fabric and the style was something that caught my eyes, comfortable yet stylish. Then I bought a collared t-shirt from Kampungku at Johor Bahru Airport. It was more of a souvenir rather than a simple t-shirt, a nice Johor themed logo has been embroidered on the t-shirt. My next buy was from Kulalampur. I went to IOI City Mall and it was literally heaven for shopaholics. There was a shop named Good 2U. From there I bought one knee length dress, a jacket and a beach bag. I also have had a beautiful yellow canvas bag from a stall in that mall.







Makeup Products: I have bought quite a few makeup things in my this trip. Somehow it’s more than what I have planned to do. Most of the makeup products I have bought from IOI City Mall. I have found Estée Lauder shop over there where I bought one lip colour. Moving on to the Sephora which was there in the first floor of the mall, I was super excited and picked up couple of things. The first thing was a makeup palette from Sephora, a set of lipstick, blush and mascara from Tarte and one liquid lipstick from Sephora. And the last product is Benefit’s Travel Set which I have bought from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Duty free). I found that perfect for travellers.





Souvenirs: I love to collect souvenirs from the places I visit as it reminds me those noteworthy moments that I spent. All the souvenirs I have bought from Johor Bahru Airport. I have picked up 5 magnets, a small cup stated ‘I love Malaysia’, a travel journal from ‘Joho Rock’ (Malaysian brand), a sketch book and some Malaysian postage stamps. Travel journal is something that always makes me happiest. I already have number of travel journals but when I saw that I can’t stop myself from getting that. Journaling is the best way keep documented everything and it keeps you more creative. And lastly, as no trip is complete without chocolates, I have also grabbed some chocolates.







These are the few things which I bought in my Malaysia trip and now I am so happy to share these stuffs with you all. Let me know if you would like to see more of my shopping hauls in the blog. 🙂

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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