Are you a beginner in makeup? Having too many questions giggling in your mind here and there? Have you ever wanted to be a master concealer to get the flawless makeup? Well, my this post has all those answers which you have to know as a beginner. These are the basics but at the end of this post you will be pretty confident about concealing.

Let’s get started…

What is Concealer?
Concealer is a makeup essential which is used to mask dark circles, ageing marks, pigmentation marks, large pores, scars and blemishes on the skin. It helps to highlight that area and gives a flawless effect onto the skin.

Where to apply?
Choose the perfect shade of concealer according to the skin type and apply. Remember, the most important part of concealer application is blending which gives the perfect finish to the skin. Apply on eye-circles to cover up dark circles, onto the forehead to give highlighted dimension, onto the bridge of the nose to make it straight, on the Cupid’s bow to make lips look bigger, onto the chin to make it accurate and lastly here and there to cover up blemishes, scars and pigmentation marks. Make sure to prepare the skin by hydrating and moisturising before concealer application.



How to apply concealer?
Concealer is all about how it is applied. Do not dot and rub concealer along under eye area. Draw a triangle with the concealer and blend it smoothly with either makeup sponge or concealer brush to create the instant youthful lifted face. Apply setting powder to lock concealer in the place. Conceal spots with stick formula or pot concealer.




How to choose the perfect concealer shade?
Choosing the perfect shade of concealer isn’t that easy. Few things have to be in mind while choosing the correct shade. Choose the colour according to the need. Here are some guidelines to choose the correct shade. To match the skin tone, choose half a shade lighter concealer than the foundation shade. Each colour of colour correcting plays different roles. Peach colour conceals dark circles on light skin whereas orange is good for medium to dark skin tone. Pink colour covers dark spots, yellow works great on redness, green cancels acnes and purple neutralises yellow undertones on light skin.




How to choose perfect concealer formula?
Before buying concealer, it is very important to choose the correct formula for the skin type and coverage type that you need. Liquid concealers mainly perfect for sensitive, normal, oily or combination skin type. These concealers come with different finishes such as dewy, matte, and satin. Cream concealers are something which I recommend for finishing part like to draw nice edgy eyebrows, outline those with cream concealers. These are good for dry and combination skin. It gives medium to full coverage and comes with creamy or satin finish. For best result and long last bake your concealed area. The last formula is stick concealer. These are best for sensitive, combination and dry skin. It is easy to apply but you should have efficiency level of blending. It gives matte or satin finish with medium to full coverage.

What comes first – concealer or foundation?
Well many used to apply concealer first then foundation. But the best way to apply concealer is to apply after foundation application. For the ultimate perfection, colour correction is must. So first colours correct then apply foundation and lastly apply concealer. Do not rub the foundation, dab and gently press it onto the skin.

This is all about ‘concealer’. Hope now you have quite a good knowledge of concealer and how amazing it is as a makeup component. Above all remember, concealer is game changer in makeup but it needs a lot of patience and practice. So happy concealing… 😀 😀

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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  • February 20, 2019 at 4:52 pm

    Wow, thank you so much for the guide! I feel like not only beginners can learn something new from your article. I’ll be definitely using some of these tips in my daily makeup routine, thanks 🙂


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