Visiting a place and not tasting the flavour of culture and food is literally reading the book leaving preface. So Darpor Warison was a full package for me to take the essence of Malaysian culture. Although just after spending an evening over there I felt like it was truly very short time to spend and enjoy Dapor Warison.

The ambience was profoundly Malaysian. The surroundings of the place made me feel like I was a part of Malaysia from quite a long time. Music is something that always plays a vital role to the ambience of any place and the live music over there were so calming, so melodious. Two guys were singing and playing musical instruments and traditional dance which I love the most. I don’t know why but I felt like the place was full of positivity.

I wasn’t particularly hungry but I still wanted to taste the authentic Malaysian food there because the food looked so delicious! All I ate was some traditional mouth-watering Malaysian chicken and prawn preparations. I spent there quite a long time – ended with tea because it was already night! Time passed by so fast but I want to back there again and again.

Some pics from the evening that was so Malaysian and so perfect…














Here’s the video for you all to enjoy that evening…

Photographs: By Me
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