You may have a work loaded day or a relaxed evening with friends and family, you have to be presentable everywhere. Moreover it would be smart, unique and comfortable in your own skin throughout the day. That is the reason why I always try to choose that kind of jewellery which is crisp, non-fussy and light. I usually first decide what jewellery I’d like to go for just after choosing my outfit. And I have recently found a really great jewellery shop by Selfmart that is awfully very inspiring. You can go and do usual stuff like random browsing the catalogue and trust me you’ll never disappoint yourself. Each piece of jewellery has been styled impeccably and can be worn in any time, any occasion.
Here I have picked up few and created the looks accordingly. Enjoy!

You can get exclusive discount also. Yay! 😀 . Use coupon code ‘RUDRITA’ while ordering on and get flat ₹300 off on Pearls and Stones jewellery.

This vibrant and exclusive hand crafted choker necklace set is laden with pure pink faceted agate stones which is perfect for weddings and other very special occasions. It has an adjustable tassel and gives the perfect fit to the neck. The set comes with a pair of hanging agate earrings with detailed mesh work.




Steel grey flat fresh water pearls and grey round pearls, this intricately handcrafted necklace set comes with a pair of hanging pearl earrings to complete your look. This set is perfect for anniversaries, cocktail parties or even beach vacations.




This hand crafted double strand necklace set is laden with multi-colour natural fresh water pearls. The irregular pearls in this necklace set give you a very trendy yet classy look and make you the life of every occasion! Suitable for teaming up with Indian or Western Wear.




A blend of magnificent earth brown dyed natural fresh water pearl gemstones, this triple layer necklace set comes with a pair of hanging pearl earrings to compliment it. A one of a kind necklace set that makes you the life of any occasion! This hand crafted necklace set goes amazingly with Indian, Western or contemporary look.




‘Pink is mandatory’… 😀 . Isn’t this dazzling three strands soft pink necklace set says it all? Crafted in pure faceted agate semi-precious stones bold statement and stand out from the crowd in your next special occasion such as wedding party, anniversary celebration, cocktail party and the like. Pair of hanging agate earrings is included to complete your look for the occasion. Ideal for Indian and Western Wear.




Monochrome jewellery is always in fashion. This piece is a perfect blend of classic grey fresh water pearls and natural faceted black agate semi-precious stones. This exquisite three strand necklace set can be combined with pretty much of any colour! It comes with a pair of hanging pearl and agate earrings to complete your look. Be the life of the party at a wedding, anniversary celebration or cocktail parties.




Selfmart also has retail shop in Chambers Mall, Kasba, Kolkata. You can see their collection in their shop as well.



Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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