Can you remember that last time when you have spent a true time for yourself? And yes, I am talking about a particular time, dedicated to you and only you! Our lives are getting more and more stressful day by day and thus complicated where we have that time to virtually socialise ourselves but we don’t have a time to spend for solely ourselves. In my this post I’m going to share about the importance of having ‘me time’ and 5 simple ways to improve your mental health by having ‘me time’. It is as important as food because it is our mental fuel which gears up our lives.

1. Helps to Relax and Unwind: Read or Listen Music
Sometimes we need to relax and unwind ourselves. Doing nothing can actually does a lot for your future works. Reading is the best habit to relax your mind. Listening music also helps to work with positivity throughout the day.



2. Increases Self- Discovery: Journal or Do Something Creative
Do whatever creative work you love to do. It can be cooking, photography, sewing or even drawing. Bring out your that childhood talent which made you happier each time you did. Journaling is a good way to increase your self-discovery. Because each time you journal something you can actually see your mental changes through the pages. Always write down the date whenever you journaling. It motivates a lot to spend me-time more and more.



3. Increases Self-Confidence and Productivity: Workout or Take a Shower
When was the last time you actually felt so much confident about yourself? Having me-time can increase your self-confidence which automatically increases your productivity growth in your work. Half an hour of workout or 15-20 minutes of shower can give you that bliss which can be literally work as an energy booster for throughout the day. Don’t forget a relaxed mind and body works the best.



4. Gives Time for Things You Love: Enjoy Favourite Drink or Watch Movie
Me-time is the only time in the entire day when we can be focused on what we love to do. It can be drinking a mug of coffee, a can of beer, even watching the most funny movie or simply watching Mr Bean 🙂 . This stimulates the sense of being you. Living and laughing helps you to achieve a better life indeed.



5. Makes Healthy Relationships: Spend Quality Time with Family
The best part about me-time is to make your relationship bonding stronger. This helps to concentrate on your work more. Spend good family time. If you are a working new mom or simply any working professional who is always on the go, spend some time with your baby just playing or do pranks with your soul mate. It will give you the power to get back to your scheduled work.



Life has given you the best gift that is ‘You’. Love yourself! Laugh more and live the most! Do whatever makes you feel happy. Read, travel, shop and smile a lot! Enjoy each day of your life. 🙂

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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