This blog might be one of the most needed post for travel guys. Every time I plan for a vacation I always feel like there should be a proper list of medical kit from where we could pack everything just in a wink. Because we can replace a lipstick with another but can’t any medicine with another. True? So here’s a mini encyclopaedia of a travel medical kit where I am going to share some simple tips and tricks to pack your medical kit.

Kit – Try to pick a transparent bag for travel medical kit. At least from one side. It will make work easier in urgency. The bag should have double zipper and strong itself.



Medicines – Take a bunch of emergency medicines besides the medicines that are regularly taken. Firstly put all the regular taken medicines like for diabetes, high blood pressure etc. After that take analgesic, anti-allergic, cough and cold, throat lozenges, motion sickness, antiseptic ointment or solution, insect repellent, antacid, diarrhoea, paracetamol, digestion medicines and so.



Pain Reliever Spray – It is a must have for traveling. For over walking, sudden inflammation in joints, other minor stiffness or sprain, I usually prefer Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Pain Reliever Spray as it is easy to carry and works instantly. It has number of ayurvedic components so no worries while using. It retails for ₹127 which is quite affordable.




Pain Reliever Oil – If the trip consists of elderly people as well then pain reliever oil has to be there in medical kit. Even sometimes when the pain is bothering much then these oils relieves greatly. Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil is the one which I never forget to put in my medical kit. It comes with a travel friendly bottle and gives longer time relaxation on muscles. It costs ₹295 for 100 ml product.




Constipation Reliever – Food habits are majorly associated with travel. Changing country or for India, changing states differs the food habits hugely. So constipation can happen while traveling and it spoils the whole trip as foods are one of the most interesting integral parts of travel. Put mild laxatives for constipation. I always carry Pet Safa to avoid constipation on the go. It also helps to improve digestive system. It has both tablets and granules and both the packages are easy to carry.




Wet Wipes – This is something that I usually carry 2 units at least with me. It has handful uses. I usually take Mother Sparsh wet wipes in my medical kit as it is water wipes and not a lotion infused one. And most importantly it is paraben and alcohol free, hypoallergenic and pH balanced. It is perfect for babies also. It retails for ₹195 for 80 wipes which is well economic from any other Indian brand.



Sanitary Napkins or Tampons – It is a must have for women. Put couple of packed sanitary napkins in travel medical kit. Choose the one which gives comfort with high absorbing power. I use Wonder Wings Ultra Soft Sanitary Napkins. It has all the good qualities which I need utmost while traveling.




Miscellaneous – Beside all these things there are couple of things which should be included in the travel medical kit. One thermometer, adhesive bandages, crepe bandage, gauze swabs, small scissor, hand sanitizer, tweezers, balm for headache, ointment for skin burns.



These are the things for a proper travel medical kit. Except these, don’t forget to carry Health Insurance Card and any other medical paper for international trips. Few things cannot be carried in cabin luggage (like, scissor, tweezers etc.). So make sure to carry those separately. Finally the check list is ready 😀 . Don’t forget to mark tick before take-off. 🙂

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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