If you are following me in Instagram (@rudritachatterjee) you already know that I was in a one day trip to Pune. It was a work tour mainly but I have managed to spend quite a good time to explore the city. This is the first time I have been at Pune and I didn’t get much time to read about Pune before my trip. So literally I was not much excited about this “shortest trip”. But trust me, this trip ended up with loads of fun and excitement beyond my expectations.

Pune has a lot of options to make your trip a remarkable one but I am here sharing 5 things which you can do in a one day trip keeping your major work aside. Now let’s begin with the list…


1. Grab your biggest burger from Barn Burger:

I was staying in an Airbnb apartment at Koregaon Park and the host of the apartment has told me about this place. This place might have the best burgers I have ever had in India. I love the ambience of this restaurant. It was nicely decorated with loud colours and graffiti. They have number of different burgers in their menu including beverages. They have a fun big burger challenge where if you finish that burger and a shake in 15 minutes then you will get it free and your picture will gonna be hang onto the ‘wall of fame’. But remember, ‘big’ means it’s really big: in height and in layers as well. I have tried two varieties: one is their classic one and second one is ‘Mega Barn Burger’. Those prices ₹105 and ₹165 which is pretty affordable. I have also tried cappuccino from them but I didn’t like it too much.




2. Shopping at Phoenix Market City Mall: 

How shortest your trip can be it must not be the best one until you shop something. I went to Phoenix Market City Mall to quench my shopping-thrust. 🙂 . In Pune there are other couple of shopping malls. As I have my meeting in Conrad Hotel and I searched for the nearest shopping mall. I found Phoenix Market City Mall. It took me around 15 minutes by cab to reach there and so sadly I got only 45 minutes to spend over there. The mall has bunch of good brands, like: Zara, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Lifestyle and many more. I picked up stuffs from Zara, MAC and Mango (I wish I had some more time 🙁  ).



3. Visit Shaniwarwada:

From Phoenix Market City Mall, I went to Shaniwarwada. It took me around 25 minutes to reach there. Shaniwarwada is one of the must visit places in Pune. Even it is considered as one of the most popular tourist destination in Maharashtra. It was built by Bajirao I in the 18th century. Bajirao served as the Prime Minister to the Maratha ruler, Chhatrapati Sahu. The palace was huge and every corner of the palace echoes history. Later the palace was attacked and occupied by British rulers which caused the entire six storeys of the palace collapsed. On 1828, the palace was galloped through fire and destroyed most of the part of the palace. A lot of spooky stories have been associated with this palace although I haven’t found anything like that. 😀



4. Enjoy best Indian street food- Pani Puri, Vada Pav:

No trip is successful without tasting local street foods and when you are in India you have to taste Pani Puri 🙂  . I’m literally a ‘Phuchka’ person ( Kolkatan version of pani puri) and wherever I I travel in India, I always try pani puri to know how one place is different from other by its flavours. I love those Pani Puri from Pune. It’s full of flavour and quite cheap as well. It took ₹15 for 6 Pani Puri. So mouth-watering and no one can stop you in just one plate. Another street food is Vada Pav. It was so fresh and so delicious. Rich in Indian spices and flavours.



5. Walk along with the streets to know Maharashtrian culture more:

I believe the best way to know the culture of a place is to walk along with the streets and see how people live their lives. How they talk, how they eat, how they stay together and how they behave with each other. How long I explored the streets in only couple of hours, people of Pune are very sweet in nature. They are clean by nature which automatically keeps the city clean. Women and girls are well fashionable and teenyboppers love to hangout in cafes, shopping malls. The most important thing which I love most about them is they are truly green-lovers and you can see so much green all around the Pune.



This is the all 5 things I did in my shortest trip to Pune and I absolutely fallen in love with this city. Although I missed Mastani kulfi, traditional Maharashtrian thali, Aga Khan palace, Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple and lots more which I couldn’t complete in my 24 hours trip ( my flight landed in Pune around 2.30 a.m. and took off at 10.55 p.m. on the same day ). Hope I will visit this city near soon and explore more 🙂 .


Outfit Details:

Shirt – People
Inner White Top – Tokyo Talkies
Jeans – GAP
Sunglasses – Shien
Bag – Baggit
Footwear – MAX Fashions

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
I hope you enjoyed the post. Write me at rudrita.chatterjee@gmail.com

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