You rarely find any successful person who hadn’t jot down their thoughts into papers and kept those recorded. From successful businessman to musicians and creative people like us who constantly scribbling onto the papers to create contents better than yesterday. The way you think about your life may your life doesn’t plan on such a way but keeping documented in papers helps you recall you the lesson which you have learnt and how to deal with the same situation if you face it again.
Journaling is simple by its own way but its effects are strong and worth full. Here I’m sharing 10 reasons why you should start journaling every day from today itself…



1. Stimulates Your Self-Improvement:
Journaling everyday helps to track your personal growth which automatically gives you that power by which you will work better than before. It will eventually stimulate your self-improvement and gives a life full of positivity. Whenever you feel emotionally down or if any incident is bothering you much, just flip through the past pages of your journal. It keeps you motivated as it works as reminders to your goals.

2. Optimises Your Creativity:
Optimising your creativity level means you’re going close to your goals day by day. Just after waking up in the morning, the first thing to do is to write journal (not checking your mobile phone). The fresh mind works the best. So before starting your hectic day, make sure to spend some good time with your journal.

3. Increases Gratitude:
You may start writing your journal with a bad mood or with so much of negativity but as soon you start journaling, you gradually found so many people or things are so good with you. Writing about those small incidents or people brings you a subtle way of shifting your mind towards gratitude. When you reach at the end of the journal for that day, you will definitely found an overwhelming victory to yourself. Because there are so many people or incidents for whom you should have gratitude. A study said gratitude happier, healthier, optimistic and relaxed.

4. Keeps Record of Your Past History:
Journaling is the best way to keep documented all your past histories. It will help you remember that lesson which you have learnt from your last mistake. In future when you flip through the pages of your journal, it will be a series of your life record. It will let you remember those times, your relationship status with your friends and family and even countless tiny wings of your past.

5. Reminds You About Your Happy Time:
The best way to enjoy your ‘me-time’ is just to flip your journal and read about your happy moments. This literally works like an energy booster. Even your saddest moment can be a happiest one by reading your past happy time which gives too much positivity towards your life.

6. Enhance Your Capabilities:
Spending time on your journal means you are working on something that is very special for you. In too much work pressure or too much involvement into so many things let your favourite hobby ignored. But journaling helps you to assemble all your energy to get back and work on your missing abilities. It enhances your capabilities and gives you a life full of positivity.

7. Gives Me-Time To Spend For Youself:
Each time you spend your time on journal, you can actually see the mental changes through the pages. It motivates you to be yourself and to spend more time in journal. It will help you to relax and unwind.

8. Works As A Daily Recorder:
This is one of the best things about journal. It works like a daily recorder. It records all the tiniest things that happen to you today and improves your patience level which automatically makes you more focused on your work than before. Because you always plan that first for tomorrow which you missed today.

9. Decreases Stress Level:
Everyday journaling helps you to clear your mind and heals your pain which decreases stress level. Clearing up all the dirtiness from your mind and making it relaxed means you are pushing yourself to the success point of your life. Expressive writings are the constructive way to improve your self-confidence and personal growth.

10. Helps To Set Your Long-Term Goals:
The most important point of being successful in life is to set your goals properly. Only then your mind could be prepared to achieve the goals. A focused long-term goal always performs the best.



So finally are you ready to start your journal today? Just grab your journal today and start this ritual to make your life a healthier and peaceful one. Now happiness is on its way. 🙂 🙂


Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
I hope you enjoyed the post. Write me at rudrita.chatterjee@gmail.com

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