Last month was really big and I have learned handful of things. So just thought to share those with you all. Not anything special, not any philosophical, just a regular thing and simply a ‘sharing my experience’ kind of post.
August was not so eventful except some challenging projects. Here are 8 things which I have learned in the flow of my last month’s life. It’s a tangle between personal, professional and some more flavours of life. Let’s start the month tour…

1. How a dedicated beauty regime truly reflects on my skin:

It has been quiet a time when I actually got full-time dedicated to a particular beauty regimen. So last month I thought to start and keep up a specific beauty regimen. From CTM to face mask. Everything and so religiously. Just after maintaining it for 20 days, I have noticed visible changes of my skin and I was totally impressed with how my skin was doing. It truly reflects on my skin. And most importantly, it’s result is encouraging me everyday to stick into those rituals.

2. How motivational books inspired me:

It’s been quiet a time when I have stopped reading motivational book ( I don’t know why 🙁 ). But from last month I have again started reading motivational books and it’s giving me too much positivity around me which helps a lot in my work. Last month I have completed 3 motivational books from Brian Tracy, Robin Sharma and Napoleon Hill. These books instantly boost up my ‘working-evergy’ level and give me the power to work more.

3. Don’t fully trust on ratings while ordering from Swiggy:

Oh My God! Swiggy! This app has disappointed me like hell. Last month I ordered food from Swiggy couple of times and each time they proved to give the worst food ever. While ordering I have gone through the ratings of the restaurants and ordered foods. Unfortunately, good rated restaurants had served the worst food. It was total waste of money and one of my best lessons the month.



4. A strong personal relationship never disappoints:

I am a person who believe in strong personal relationships. Whether I’m in a constant touch with that person or not. I usually try to sort out silly misunderstandings which ruins a relationship. Although sometimes I got negative replies. But most of the time it becomes a great move and relations become more easier and happier as well. Just like that I have been into very unhealthy relation with one of my very close family member for last 11 years. All of a sudden I really started to miss her and the time we spent together almost a decade ago. In sometime I talked to her, met her and she absolutely didn’t ignore me. I love the way how our relationship became normal. Small movement does matter!

5. Taking small challenges in a day actually works:

My last month was so eventful and initially I was really worried about my contents and projects. So I have just shuffle my entire working process and without taking long-term challenges I have started to take small challenges for a day. And those challenges really started working. My productivity level became so high and I was so satisfied.

6. Spending sometime for my own motivates to work more:

I always believe in spending some ‘me-time’ for myself. Last month in my hectic schedule, I hardly got any time for myself which really bothers me to some extend. So I have planned to spend some time dedicated to myself only with shopping, having coffee and reading alone. On the very next day I wake up with a fresh mind and so much enthusiasm. Never thought this to so energetic.



7. “Amritsari Fish” is delicious:

I love fish items (nothing special, every Bengali does). Last month in two events I have tried Amritsari Fish at Hyatt Regency Kolkata and The Park Hotel. Earlier I ate this 3 to 4 times in different places but never liked those to remember again. This time the entire story has changed. I totally loved that. It has a nice coat from outside and inside it has soft juicy fish. I loved it!!!

8. I can spend a month without buying any lipstick:

I know, this really sounds absurd. But trust me it was a real challenge for me. For last 3 to 4 years, almost each month I buy lipsticks. Sometime it became too much but I can’t help myself (maybe I’m addicted). Last August was quiet different. I didn’t buy any lipstick at all (don’t know how could I make it happen 😀 ). But after completing a month, I am so proud of myself. 😀 😀 😀

This is all about my last month learning. I’m feeling so good to write this. What did you learn in August?

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
I hope you enjoyed the post. Write me at rudrita.chatterjee@gmail.com

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