Life is all about how you treat it. If you think your life is a pot, full of positivity then life will do you in such a manner. So I always try to make lifestyle in such a way which always motivates me and indulges in work to perform better than before. Whether it is my work area or my bed room. Even I always try to keep my interiors of my home in a same way: from paint finishes and furniture to electrical appliances. And when it comes to electrical equipment, the very first thing which comes into my mind is fan. Because this is the only electronic device which stays ‘on’ throughout the day (for at least 9-10 months in a year in Kolkata). For me fan synonyms to Orient :).




If you read my last blog already then you already know that I had attended an event with Orient and trust me, I was supremely astonished to see their collection. Inspired by the winglet technology in modern aircraft, Orient’s new age Aerostorm fan is absolutely revolutionary. It’s curvaceous silhouette and high gloss finish are something that catches everyone’s eyes in your room. It flows the air so smoothly but without any noise. So if you are tired of those sickening noise that came from your old fan then these fans are the perfect choice for you. And it’s the time to change! The aero dynamic aerofoil blade is design for higher thrust and air delivery (300 CMM). It has the sturdiest and heaviest 18- pole motor design for longer life. The price is too much budget friendly comparing to the product you get. It retails for only Rs. 5990.




The most important feature which attracted me is its minimalist functional design with contemporary touch. A perfect blend of style and technology. Aerocool has a sweep of 1320 mm and has 100% rust-free blade made of high-grade glass which provides strength to the blades, thus making it bend-proof, rust-proof and easy to clean. In a whole a total ‘WIN’. 🙂




They also have some other fans like Aeroquiet, Aeroquiet BLDC, Aerolite with warm white LED underlight in this series which are literally to die for. So it’s the time to give a makeover to your home before the celebration season starts. Don’t wait. Go and grab your favourite fan to fantasise your room. 🙂 🙂

Shop online here –  Aerostorm and Aerocool.

Click on the images to shop directly.


Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh and Orient Official Website
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