GOSH! Denims are my addiction and I never feel tired of it. I think it is a quintessential part of my wardrobe with a all-season vibe. This shirt and shorts give me a flirty yet classic look. Also, it’s one of those rare outfits which I wore so often. Because it actually sits very well with so many dresses and it could be paired with pretty much all type of outfits irrespective of any weather.

I always had some problem with shirts it either goes over-sized or comes too small. This one is an exception, it was literally perfect with its fit and computability and I’m ecstatic about that. This shirt is not at all from any big brand. I have picked it up from a shopping mall of Bangkok and it was of a local brand of Thailand. The fabric is so soft and comfortable. You can pair it up with booties or sneakers.

Outfit details are all provided towards the end of the blog post. So don’t forget to scroll down. Enjoy the pics!













Outfit Details:
Shirt – Terminal 21, Bangkok
Shorts – Terminal 21, Bangkok

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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