Flowers are great as gifts, decor, they are great statement makers, for every possible occasion you can think of. They make a huge part of all our lives, and we basically can’t live without flowers, but especially without a good florist such as A Better Florist. This Malaysian florist is one of the best out there, with the fastest flower delivery, gorgeous flowers and a great customer service.



You can find them as a florist in Ipoh, a flower delivery in Penang, a JB florist or a KL florist, or you can find them online. They have curated floral arrangements on their website, so it’s easy to scroll through and find something quickly, whether it’s funeral flowers, or grand opening flower stands, they always have pre-designed flowers for you to take on the go.



Ordering is simple, so you won’t struggle with a complicated process. You cans hop through your phone or computer. You can request a flower delivery on the same day, which is also a free flower delivery if you order before 3pm. They have an express flower delivery option, which enables you to get flowers or gifts delivered to any part of Malaysia within just 90 minutes. It’s pretty affordable and it saves you a lot of time.


Their sense for design is incredible. I’ve never seen flowers like that in other flower shops, and it’s really pleasant to see something different for a change. They are overall really affordable, and they can customise everything to suit your taste and budget. Besides shopping for what you can already find on their website, you can always ask them to create something unique for you.



In addition to having some of the most beautiful flower arrangements, they are also a gift delivery. Among their gifts you can find hampers and fruit baskets. Their fruit baskets come with or without flowers, and the hamper collection comes in many different variations. You can find a get well soon hamper, a food hamper and a baby hamper, and a lot more! They are equipped with everything you need throughout the entire year.



If you like this kind of a flower shop, you can find them as a Singapore florist, as well as an UAE florist. They have a HK flower delivery that’s very popular for their HK flowers, and wherever they go, they keep their standards high. So, wherever you are, if they have A Better Florist, you will always get the same treatment and the same amazing service. Visit their website to find out more about this florist.

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