2018 just passed over and there were so things that I have learned from 2018. But trust me it was an amazing year indeed. However, I did have to tug couple of things to make it better. Here are those 5 things which I learned in 2018:

Hard Work Matters: 

As I told you earlier that it was an amazing year ( in personal life and professional life both) and my working career graph was pretty good. It was great to associate with so many big brands and work together. I have spent more time on my work and stayed focus. Nonetheless I have to work harder than everyday and did so. I have given some extra time to Instagram and I’m so glad that it really came back to me so positively. 



Morning Reading Is The Best Thing: 

My reading habit was so much scattered earlier. I didn’t have any particular schedule to read. I am a true book lover and I read whenever I get time or whenever I feel like. But I did some changes in my reading habit and I started reading in the morning just after doing my morning workout and journalling. It made a huge difference in my lifestyle and now I can prioritize what comes first.



Save More: 

Till mid of 2018 I was an ‘shopaholic’ and gradually I realised ‘It’s a disease’. The more you buy the more you want. So I partially measured my this habit and it had taught me so many values. Although I’m not a person who doesn’t claim myself to be totally out of this but I stopped buying unnecessary stuffs which helped me to save more money. 



Don’t Fret The Small Things: 

Sometimes I used to get annoyed by the smallest of inconveniences. Petty issues or silly incidents has the power to spoil my entire day which tends to have an unproductive day. This year I certainly realised that it’s better to let it go and not give so much importance to it. 



Keep Distance From Toxic People: 

I believe in giving my full in everything, be it work or any relationship. But somehow I realised that you couldn’t surround yourself with only influential people. You always found people who are full of negativity. In 2018 I met so many people like that whom I had to eliminate. At that point of time it was not easy for me but later it helped me to stay more focused on work and relationship as well.


What did you learn? Do let me know in the ‘Comments’ below. 

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2 thoughts on “5 THINGS I LEARNED IN 2018

  • February 24, 2019 at 8:34 am

    I felt good after reading this article coz I had similar experiences last year. Good to know I am not alone.
    I like reading your blog. God bless you….. 🙂


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