I am a blogger, content creator, social media influencer but above all I’m a human being. My parents always taught me to be a person of dignity and to be grateful to life. I’m the single child of my parents. So we separately had our own world of my father, mother and me. 🙂 In my entire life I have always been a choosy person when it comes to ‘friends’. Because my mother used to be my best friend forever. She is the most loveable mother, supportive friend, great motivator and   teacher.



Learning from your mother is never been enough in your life. Each day you get to learn something new, something valuable and something that nobody else can teach you. Here I’m sharing 10 things which I learned from my mother and each day I feel grateful to have these morals in my life:

1. To Be In A Healthy Lifestyle – I might have the busiest schedule going on in my life but I always try to keep up a normal healthy lifestyle. Eating homemade foods, doing some home remedies rather than taking plenty of medicines for simple health issues like, headache, cold and cough etc. or maintaining hygiene in lifestyle, all I learned from my Mom. She stays into these all the time and so thus I.

2. To Be Patient – The older I get, I realise the real meaning of ‘Patience’ every single day. It was one of the best lesson I have learned from my mother. I can clearly remember how calm and patient she is in all situations she faced, no matter how difficult or how tactical it is. For me, being patient is one of the unique yet toughest key to success.

3. To Be Nice To Everyone – “Being rude is never been an answer nor to support untruths”, this used to be the lesson for my entire childhood from my Mom. When I was in my teens, I hardly support this philosophy of her. But later gradually, I realised how amazing these words are. How inspiring, full of positivity and love.



4. Always Say True – Like all other Mom, my Mom also taught me stay in the path of truth. But the way she taught me was quite different from others. There’s a famous tale of a shepherd boy who used to be the greatest liar. Once she told me that story where she explained me the worst situation of the shepherd boy. It created a great impact on my mind and trust me I hardly choose the path of lies.

5. To Value Other’s Trust – I have always seen my Mom to value everyone and their trusts. There are a lot of incidents where I saw her being so sceptical about being trusted. But she never disrespect anyone’s trust. This might not pay any money but the values she gives are truly priceless.

6. To Respect Every Relation And Value Other’s Emotion – The more I getting older, each day I’m facing different situation in my personal and professional life but how giving respect to every relationship eases all the difficulties. My mother always told me to respect every relation, patiently listen to them, love them and most importantly value them. The words every person use in their daily lives carry those emotions what they have in their hearts.

7. To Love Nature – Loving your nature means loving your mother. This is the something what I learned from my childhood. According to my Mom, keep your Mother Nature clean, keep your environment clean and worship it. This might be one of the best lesson to follow in today’s world.

8. To Be Down to Earth – No matter where you stand in your personal or professional life, being down to earth will help you to be yourself. You can achieve more than you could think of. This is something I always admire in my Mom. Somehow I feel like so relaxed being down to earth as there’s no extra pressure on my shoulder to pretend something.

9. Forgiveness – What is the exact definition of ‘Forgiveness’? Whenever I try to get the answer, I always found my Mom as the answer. How forgiveness could change the entire aspect of the matter, I learned that so vividly from my mother. Getting older each day teaches me the importance of forgiveness.

And finally, I LOVE YOU MA! HAPPY Mother’s Day! You are the best! 🙂

Baba, Me & Ma… 😀 😛



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