Summer is just arrived and it’s already started to show its power. We have to be smart enough to fight with this summer like a ‘Pro’. We need to indulge ourselves to having a summer-ready wardrobe, skin care and food. 

Global warming is hitting us everyday. Summers are getting worse day by day. So it’s not about taking care of ourselves, it’s also taking care of our earth. Planting some greenery or feeding some birds in this summer can actually make some changes in a long run. But beside that I have some really cool tips to cover you this summer. So here I’m sharing you some tips to hit the summer back and stay cool.



Wardrobe – This is the season when you actually need to wear easy breezy outfits. Neon and animal prints are trends in this season. So put some neon colours in your wardrobe. Again Coral is the Pantone Colour of The Year 2019 which is vibrant yet mellow. So you should include this colour in your wardrobe. Mid length dresses are perfect for summers. Breathable cotton fabrics are quintessential for summer. Denims are kind of staple items for your wardrobe and it can be infused with almost anything. Soft, comfortable fabrics are ideal for summers.



Skin Care – CTM process is the most important part of skin care in summer days. Sunscreen application is must whenever you are going outside. Even if you are inside your home then also apply a proper day cream which has good SPF. Spray facial mists once in a while to keep your skin cool and hydrated. Apply soothing gel regularly to get moistured and hydrated skin. If you are lagging to apply face masks then sheet masks are the perfect solution to use. Apply sheet masks at least thrice in a week. Sleeping masks can be a good choice as well. Clean your face with normal water frequently if you have acne prone skin or highly sensitive. Exfoliate and use rose-water to calm down your skin.



Food & Drinks – Drinking plenty of water is the main rule to fight summer. Your body needs several glass of waters per day to fight summer. Eat water-rich fruits like watermelon, strawberries, grapefruits, cucumber etc. Take lots of salads and less spicy foods. Include vegetables and dairy products in your diet. If you’re into dairy-free diet then take anything substitute.




The bottom line is staying hydrated is most important from inside out. Stay hydrated and fight this summer like a pro.


Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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