Reading books is something that works as a motivator in my life. I read each day and the day I do not read anything, I feel incomplete and demotivated. I have recently posted a video on my YouTube channel where I have shared 3 recent books which you should read to motivate yourself. So here I’m documenting all those three books for my readers. 

Inspirational or motivational books are those which I always try to be into. Every book shared below has that a significant impact on my life and my lifestyle s well. But I know I’m not alone. There are so many of you who feel motivated by any particular book and those literally change the way of the philosophy of your life. These books are something like that. Sometimes a book is just too good, the author is so motivating and when you complete the book you found yourself ending up with full of energy and inspiration. What better way to get there than through the pages of a good book.

You can also view this list on YouTube HERE.

  1. BECOMING BY MICHELLE OBAMA – I have gone through this book from audible where Michelle Obama herself narrated her own story which was simply a bonus point. The book is so inspiring and full of versatility. It is kind of a sound of strong woman who struggled a lot, who fought a lot but finally who conquered. As a woman I learnt the way how she manages to balance every elements of her life. The huge transformations of her life but keeping a simple lifestyle and missing her normal days are so motivating. Her story is so iconic that you can motivate yourself in every age of the book.



  1. LIFE’S AMAZING SECRETS BY GAUR GOPAL DAS – This book has simply changed the aspects of the philosophy of my life. If you have a life of total mess where you don’t know how to balance your work life and personal life, how to manage time for everything then this book is exactly what you need into your life right now. Author is here in cover nation with the protagonist, Harry, whom he is explaining the each layer of life so easily yet so meaningfully. The book explains us the four wheels of life, where we have to control the steering wheel. Author’s debut book is nothing but a true fire.



  1. THE 5 A.M. CLUB BY ROBIN SHARMA – I read this book in Kindle and I truly fallen in love this book. This book is so inspiring! Although the basic concept is quite traditional but the scientific explanations make you inspire to join Robin Sharma’s 5 a.m. club. According to the author you need to stick to the healthy lifestyle for 66 days and you can never change it. Reading this book can truly bring you into the healthiest lifestyle. This book will help you to gain insight and wisdom for personal well-being and development.



I hope this post will help you to choose the perfect book and you are all geared up for the healthy lifestyle and motivated.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Write me at rudrita.chatterjee@gmail.com

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