Yesterday Nykaa has launched their exclusive collection in collaboration with Masaba Gupta. The entire collection is of 12 lipsticks, 12 nail paints and a nail polish remover. The collection seems pretty interesting and every piece is kind of piece of art. I have tried the entire collection for couple of days and here sharing the every details with you all.



You can see the review and swatch video HERE.

Packaging- Packaging wise the entire lipstick collection is so engrossing. The outer package is of cardboard boxes and the base lipstick package is of papier-mâché. So naturally it is very light in weight. But the nail paint containers are almost same as other Nykaa nail paints except the prints on caps and ‘Masaba by Nykaa’ print. The nail remover is quite nicely done. It’s very vibrant and luxurious.



All the lipsticks are of velvet matte finish and supremely light weight. But the pigmentation is not at all good. You need to apply 2 to 3 swipes to get the real colour. The best part about these lipsticks are that it gives nice moisture to your lips and all the lipsticks are cruelty free and mineral oil free. 



Nail Paints:

The nail paints are rich in pigments and well long-lasting colours. The most interesting thing is that it comes with UV Filter. So no sun damage to your nails and these are also five free formula to keep your nails free from 5 harmful chemicals and cruelty free as well.



Nail Remover:

This express remover is totally hassle-free. All you need to do is just dip your nails into the container and twist. The Acetone- free formula is truly amazing and it also prevents excessive dryness.




All the hand-picked nail colours are match the lipsticks. So you can easily combine and wear it.

Here are the shades-

 Femme Fatale



  Touch Me Not 






Cool Guy 



Nimbu Paani






Face Palm



 You Croc My World 



Kale-ing Me Softly 






 Wild For You 



Can’t Deal 



The whole collection is the mix of reds, pinks and nudes. Nudes are quite interesting (specially ‘Rawr’) but other shades are commonly found.






Lipsticks – ₹599.

Nail Paints – ₹199

Nail Paint Remover – ₹275

Availability- Nykaa. Click here to get yours.

The collection is packaging wise well impressive but shades and formula disappointed me. But the art on the package really makes a majestic appearance. So all the lipstick addict over there, go and get your hands on at least one pair. 🙂

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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