Hello everyone, wish you all the happiest Durga Puja. Sharing my 2019 Durga Puja lookbook here & trust me this video has all my heart. From designing all the outfits to making jewellery everything by my own, it was a great experience. For this year I have planned to source all my outfits & accessories locally with some true Bengali flavours. I hope you love it! 

This year I have planned my Durga Puja in a bit different way. I truly remember my childhood days when I went for Puja shopping holding my Mom & Dad’s hands. Those days we didn’t have fancy shopping malls (except couple of super markets) in Kolkata but all the small shops had so much enthusiasm in selling their products. There were love, passion & most importantly a relationship which would let us come back again & again. This year I thought to get some of those flavours back into my life. So this year I didn’t buy anything from any shopping mall for me or my family & relatives. Rather I bought each & everything from all those small shops who wait the entire year for only these Puja business. There’s nothing with my profession & nothing with any kind of hatred for shopping malls (love them too). This is just a step forward to support all those shop owners who are having really hard time in this online & shopping malls era. I urge you all to buy at least one thing from any of those shops which used to be the fairy land of your childhood but now you might even forgot to visit those in your so busy life years ago.

Happy Saptami!

Enjoy the pics!

Outfit – 1 (Sasthi)




Outfit Details:

Saree – Deshbandhu Market, Bhowanipore.

Jewellery – All handmade by me.

Outfit – 2 (Saptami)



Outfit Details:

Saree – Designed by me. (fabric from local shop)

Earring – Thailand.

Outfit – 3 (Asthami)



Outfit Details:

Saree – Gifted.

Earring – Gifted.

Outfit – 4 (Nabami)




Outfit Details:

Saree – Designed by me. (Fabric from Khadi & local shop).

Jewellery – All handmade by me.

Outfit – 5 (Dashami)



Outfit Details:

Saree – Deshbandhu Market, Bhowanipore.

Jewellery – Gifted.



Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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