Hope you all are safe and staying at home.

Lockdown period has taught me a lot. Believe me, it’s making me stronger everyday when everyday is a game of patience and challenge. But this journey has a great lesson of discovering and rediscovering ourselves. Hobbies that we left long back just for our personal and professional responsibilities are now to some extend back into our lives. Can we stop for a moment and think, before this lockdown period when we have last cooked foods in weekends ? ( in this case I am a bit old school person, 😀 I usually cook pretty much everything in my place 🙂 ). This lockdown period has taught us to cook in weekends, weekdays, experiment and to love what we are doing.

I have been into this for almost 4 weeks now ( with my entire nation ) and initially it was not at all easy for me. A life without house help! It took me around 5 to 6 days to plan my day in a way where I can bring out some time for me. All the projects are pending right now. So I have arranged all the PR packages which came earlier and I have to store them properly that I can easily get it when everything comes into normal way. It was a great but major task for me.

The most significant lesson which this lockdown has taught me is how to survive with less. This might be the real scripture of minimalism when we have limited access to our online shopping and other expenditures, then only we can signify our priorities and make our lives simple.



Next my reading log graph really going so well in this time. I read so many books in this period and hopefully more to. A bunch of great books which are into awaiting action for a long time, completed all those masterpieces and it gives an another level of serenity. From some Bengali classics to contemporary writing: OMG! It’s absolutely unreal. While concentrating in non-fictions mainly, I have started reading some fictions as well and I’m quite impressed. My April reading lists are on the way…



You guys already know how much I’m inspired by different life philosophies of entire world. Recently, I learnt more about Zen philosophy and I discovered Stoicism. These are nothing but BRILLIANT. A way to simple yet strong lifestyle where every element matters. Lessons, implementations and courage : that’s all you can achieve from these. These help us to look inside us for enlightenment which soothes you mind and body.



I’m always a music lover (although I can’t sing 😀 ). In this hard time of our everybody’s life one thing which can truly heal our anxieties is music. There are so many musics which I love and can spend hours listening those. In this case also I’m a bit old school girl 😀 . I like classical musics, ghazals, instrumental, jazz, folk music and so many… I think I should write another post on this. What say?



Now this is something really weird for me but I did. I have joined some Facebook groups which are food oriented. I found this genuinely helpful. I read this somewhere in a philosophical book that finding such groups of same tastes help to motivate you every time. I’m also learning food photography and good foods for sure.


So these are the discoveries which helping me and my family to stay well in this crucial time. What’s your discoveries in this quarantine? Do let me know.

Stay home! Stay safe!

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