It’s been couple of months when I have started maintaining a habit tracker. I guess many of us tried out new habits to improve the quality of our lifestyles. But how often we actually spend time to improve all those skills which can help us to procure a pure life.



Tracking your good habits everyday is kind of you are preparing yourself for better tomorrow. It’s truly an investment for future to make the proper growth of your life. After getting habituated with this tracking, I have seen awfully improvements into my lifestyle which I’m going to share with you all:

  1. Achieve Your Goal Fast – This might sounds a bit hysterical but it’s absolutely proven, at least into my life. Just fix your goal and put that path to your goal in your habit tracker. It will literally push you to work every single day on it which automatically tends to get you goal faster.

2. Sense Your Everyday Accomplishment – Sensing your accomplishments is one of the best ways to motivate yourself. Your accomplishments work as that fuel which helps to work more enthusiastically.

3. Break Your Social Media Addiction – If you are struggling to cut down your on screen time then maintaining a habit tracker is the best way. When you had to spend time on so many other works that you have mentioned in your habit tracker then you have to break your on-screen time schedules.

4. Repair That Broken Bridge Between Your Habits And Current Life – It might take time but this habit tracker will gradually repair that broken bridge of your passion and busy life schedules. You might rediscover your that passion which left long back for so many pressures of your life.

 5. Replace Your Bad Habit With A Good One – I hope while reading this blog you already gave up all your bad habits like, smoking, eating random unhealthy stuffs or something that I can’t even imagine. But if you suffering from any bad habit then a habit tracker will help you to eliminate that from your life. Because you have so many other great habits to mark and work on that.



Lastly, believe me this is an astonishing habit to uplift your lifestyle. You will pay a separate effort when you know your habit tracker will look ugly without ‘YES’ marks. 😀


Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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