Kolkata is a place where you could found every angle photogenic. You can enjoy the cultural flavour at any corner of this ‘City of Joy’. From historical to contemporary, this city can entertain you with all its heart and you can’t resist yourself from falling in love with Kolkata.
As I am from Kolkata, most of the images you see in my blogs or social media, are captured in Kolkata. Most of my Instagram outdoor-images are taken in my own city, Kolkata. So I have to search new places regularly to make my photoshoots done. Being a content creator in Instagram, I know very well that there are some factors which makes a picture perfectly ‘Insta-Worthy’. Considering all those factors which make your Instagram feed the best one, here I’m sharing top 5 most Insta-worthy places in Kolkata. If you are traveling to Kolkata and want to make your blog and Instagram feed as gorgeous as Kolkata then this post is only for you.


Let’s start…

1. Victoria Memorial – The Victorial Memorial is a large white marble building surrounded with beautiful greenery and allegorical sculptures. Every part of this area is so photogenic and it has so many elements to make a picture Insta-worthy. It’s white base colour gives the picture another dimension. It is very near to the central Kolkata and can be communicated so easily by public transports. You can get the details of opening hours, ticket fares and others here.



2. Prinsep Ghat – Prinsep Ghat is one of the most photogenic places and one of the oldest recreational spots of Kolkata. It was built in 1841 during British Raj along the Kolkata on the bank of Hooghly River. The marvellous view of Hooghly River and Vidyasagar Setu from this ghat will give you the ultimate ‘Insta’ goal. Boating on the river and taking pictures will definitely add some extra value in your Instagram. 🙂 The place has garden, pathways and a station of the Kolkata Circular Railway. You can even take pictures anywhere in this place. There’s also a jetty.



3. College Street – College Street is one of the oldest book markets in Kolkata. This 1.5 km long street in Central Kolkata has the great power to add ‘Kolkatan’ flavour to your Instagram. Both the side of the street are filled with books, books and books. Every corner of this street can give you Insta worthy elements. While doing photoshoots you can also enjoy a cup of coffee in famous Coffee House and get the essence of the heritage of Kolkata.

4. Maidan – Maidan is the largest urban park in Kolkata. A place which is covered with green grass, surrounded with big trees, open sky over the head and the horizontal line where sky meets with ground. Entire area is just like a photo studio where you can take pictures from every angle and it won’t disappoint you. The place is so peaceful and perfect for enjoying your trip and to capture some amazing pictures.



5. Kumartuli – Situating in Northern Kolkata, Kumartuli is the famous clay sculpting spot where different idols are made. This place is enriched with traditional Kolkata culture and Bengali culture as well. Every layer of this place can give you the quintessential components to get the Insta worthy picture.



Streets are equally beautiful here:



These places have all the ingredients to give ‘Insta-Perfect’ pictures with exact amount of Kolkata flavour. I hope, now you have the best idea to capture your Insta worthy memories in Kolkata.

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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