‘Indian Matchmaking’, the current most hyped web series in Netflix. Completed watching it couple of days back and no matter what, it absolutely DISAPPOINTED me. This is not a web series of a matured independent society.

This is an eight-part docuseries features elite Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia as she goes about trying to find suitable matches for her wealthy clients in India and the US. And the series starts with the words of Mrs. Taparia, “Matches are made in heaven and God has given me the job to make it successful on Earth,” who claims to be “Mumbai’s top matchmaker”.

The first thought which annoyed me is this series is nothing but a farce of Indian arrange marriage concept. In today’s Indian society love marriage might be a priority but there are millions of successful arranged marriages and fortunately people are happily living with that. Adjustments, love, passion, selflessness, dedication and self-esteem are the parts of these successful marriages. No matter what but we can’t claim that Indian marriages are based on some feudal ethics.



So here’s 4 reasons why you should definitely stop watching ‘INDIAN MATCHMAKING’.:

1. Taking Female Confidence At A StakeAll the ladies who have been pictured in this docuseries are blithely self-sufficient and I believe they are strong enough to choose their own lives. What the necessity to characterise them as those weaker vessels who can’t get their life partners without ‘Simmi Auntie’. If we consider Aparna in this aspect, she is 36, she is a strong independent woman with strong financial independence. What I couldn’t make out is why she doesn’t have simple priorities in her life and more offensively Mrs. Taparia’s comments on her. Even Nadia, she is smart, charming, self sufficient lady.These are nothing but to make a progressive female society at a stake which brings down the confidence level of those married to be women as well.



2. An ugly portraiture of superstition The next most devastating reason is an ugly portraiture of superstition. Going to the astrologers, face readers and all those stuffs. It is so embarrassing to believe that how surprisingly the face reader assured Nadia to have twins. Aren’t we pulling down the entire society in a globe of superstitions. I strongly believe this gives nothing but negative vibes to the entire society. It seems like there’s no existence of good things and practicality.

3. Casteism ‘Casteism’, the an unwanted tumour of the society and unfortunately this web series is literally upbringing it. Marrying within your caste and class is already shockingly easy in India where inter caste marriage is still challenging. While social progression in this matter is just like the speed of a snail, do we really need to show this dark side of the society and break the monopoly of casteism?



4. Colourism This is absolutely toxic and shows a painful truth about the fact of discrimination of skin colours in India. In a verse, where thousands and thousands years back South Indians were meant to be ‘Rakshasas’ and ‘Asuras’ for their skin colours, aren’t we repeating it in 21st century again? Shouldn’t be we shameful enough to bring these colorism into our lives? The subject of skin color and subsequently social status in Indian culture is incredibly complex. While people with darker skin tones are subjected to harsh discrimination and prejudice and fairer skin tones is revered and associated with beauty. It made me to strongly oppose the entire scenario of this docuseries. Producers or directors must be responsible enough before firing these mentality in the society.

But lastly I believe Sima might not 100% wrong but no need to showcase this skeleton of a wrong social value to the entire world.


Photographs courtesy: Netflix
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