Each day comes with so many new challenges to us and we have to make a lot of decisions which make our lives so complicated. Whether it’s our personal life or professional life, we face So many difficulties but the good thing is there’re few ways which are truly effective and let you feel motivated to simplify your life.

Here I’m sharing 8 ways which would definitely help you to simplify your life. In this course of post firstly I would share a story with you all. It is a story of The Ramayana. In a version, once in the time of their exile Lord Ram & Lakshman were going to meet Sugriva. While on the way to Sugriva’s place they met an old lady, Shabri who was supposed to serve food and take care of Lord Rama. When Lord Rama was supposed to take those food, he saw that those food (berries) were already been tasted by Shabri. Watching that Lakshman became so angry and he told his brother not to take that food as the food was tasted already. Still Lord Rama has taken that. Why? Because he saw the inner purity of Shabri’s dedication. Shabri tasted those food because she wanted to make sure that none of those fruits were sour and Lord Ram can relish only sweet ones. 

Now you may think why I’m sharing this story here. I want to show you two perspectives here. Lord Ram saw only Shabri’s dedication where Lakshman saw what she had served. This is the ‘Darshan’ : what you see and how you see. And it depends on you. Prepare your mind and soul in such a way that you can only see the positive sides of everything (I know it’s difficult but you can achieve it) and believe me, negativity will automatically take its way. This is the most important rule to simplify your life. 

Here’re the ways:

1. Prioritize – You are a human being and you can’t work like a robot. So you have to prioritise your work which dramatically makes your life simpler. Because you already know what to do today and what we can plan for tomorrow.



2. Make a Habit Tracker & Journal Everyday – Our first point brings us to this point. Maintaining a habit tracker and journalling everyday assure you what to do now and how to plan that. Also this will help you to track your progress in certain things and you won’t miss out anything.



3. Find Happiness in Small Things – Now, this is so important. If you can’t be happy with your existing materials into your life then you can’t be happy with anything in your life. In this context I would like to bring an example of Bill Gates. You might be shocked to know that every night Bill Gates washes his plates after dinner. He proudly finds happiness in that. Trust me, this is the best therapy of happiness. 



4. Pick a Hobby – Pick a hobby that you left long back or simply choose a new one. This will encourage you to know more about it and this will gear up your monotonous life which simplify your life.



5. Value Your Time & Money – This is so practical but the a truth of lifetime. Valuing time and money is equally important to spend a smooth life. According to Lagom (Swedish way of living), unwanted buys may give you joy for couple of hours but just after one day you will not going to feel good. Invest in small things which gives you happiness throughout your life.




6. Pre-Plan Your Food – For me cooking is much easier than planning. So you can pre-plan ahead and make a chart of it. It will not only save your time but also equally help you to work on so many other things.



7. Identify The Necessity – This is so so important. Everyone can’t afford to spend their lives as minimalist. But you should identify the necessity and invest on that. It might take a day to think and rethink about it and it’s always good to identify the need rather regret on it.

8. You Are The Author – Finally, you are the author of your own life. Only you know how to deal your life. Make your own boundaries, make your own rules and keep moving. 



Being motivated is the key of a great life. Hope you have already found it…


Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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