Life is all about how you see it. Positive affirmation and positive approach to your life makes your life positive: this is something which I keep in my mind everyday while heading into the new day. So, in today’s post I’m going to share a typical day in my life when I do not going for any outdoor shoots or attending any event, my baby is having her online school and my husband is doing work from home.




I wake up by 7:30 in the morning and just after waking up I firstly make my bed which gives me cleanliness, not only in my bedroom but also in my mind.

Then I brush my teeth, change my clothes and have a health drink (homemade) or lukewarm water. After that I do my ‘Puja’ which consists of some spiritual activities. It took me around half an hour and then I do my coffee, read and sit with my journal and habit tracker. Then comes the time when I kind of plan my whole day and priotize my works accordingly. By the time my husband gets up and we make a good ’tea ceremony’. Then I read something in Persian (I did a course in Persian language earlier).




Next around 9:30 I proceed to my cooking. I usually pre-plan our meals (and Yes! I cook myself 🙂  ). First I make our breakfast and then my daughter gets up. I freshen her up and we have our breakfast. Then I sit with her for her study.



After that I prepare our lunch and took my shower. Then I sit with my work with a tumbler filled with coffee and my daughter either does her crafts or drawings sitting beside me. I do all my professional works (replies to pending email, blog post, photoshoots, video shoots, research etc.) by 2 p.m and have our lunch.



After having our lunch my daughter used to take a nap and I do handcrafts at this time or if there’s any other incomplete professional work, I make sure to complete it. I do this until 5 and then me and my husband have another ‘tea ceremony’ and then I do some spiritual practices. Next I go for a walk, do exercises and meditation. Then I prepare some evening snacks and dinner. I usually complete it by 6:45 and sit with my daughter to do her study.



Around 8 p.m, we have the best family time when we play, do some crafts, listen music, have a glass of wine or simply blown away with some jokes. This helps to have a simple yet strong bondings in terms of family values.




We have our dinner around 9:30 and go to bed by 11 p.m. Before going to the bed I do a night skincare routine and read. Before going to bed at least 30 minutes prior I do not use any electronic gadgets except my Kindle.

This is how my life is going on from March in India. Let me know how’s your day going on?


Photographs courtesy:My Father &  Swarnendu Ghosh,
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