Aren’t we all love to get photographed? Who doesn’t love to see themselves beautiful. The thing is that we live in such a visual world that even if you’re totally fine with how you look, it’s tough to resign yourself to not liking yourself in every picture.It happens. Still if you are finding some tips to look better in all picture. Sharing 6 tips with you all to make your pictures beautiful.

1. Find that perfect angle – Find the angle which suits you the most. Keep yourself in position from where you look the most photogenic. For me it’s somewhere in between side-down. Everyone has different angles in which they look good. Usually, it depends on your body and face shape. So find those angles.



2. Don’t pretend with your smile – This is something which I always follow. Don’t pretend with your smile because it literally shows in your picture and it make pictures looks so artificial and less spontaneous. For me . Whenever I smile too loudly in pictures, it make me look ridiculous. So I never go over the board.



3. Wear eyeliner and mascara to give your eyes a definition – It mostly important when it comes to portrait. You might have beautiful eyes but sometimes we need to groom it. Especially while to are being photographed. Wearing eyeliner and mascara or simply one one of these give a nice definition to your eyes that help you to achieve a gorgeous picture.




4.Get that perfect lighting – Lighting is supremely important in pictures. Natural lights are the best but sometimes we don’t have the access of that perfect natural light, so you can use soft box lights or ring lights for that and adjust accordingly.




5. Apply a pop of colour – A pop of colour makes a picture the perfect one. It can be your lips or eyes. But it’s so important otherwise it makes the photograph monotonous.

6. Be a poser – Posing is so important and it has to be photogenic. Know yourself and be comfortable while you are posing. Mix it up a little by looking to the left or right as if looking for something. Again ‘staring at the ground’ pose also looks pretty nice, especially if you have eye makeup on or simply you have beautiful eyes.



Show some positive attitude while posing and just bang on!!!



Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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