I have just entered in my 30s and I finally taken my ‘money-saving’ episode seriously in my life. Life teaches us the biggest lessons and mistakes are the best teachers. Isn’t so? It took me so long to learn how to deal with a proper money saving process. There are so many incredible strategies that we could all implement into our lives just to make a bit better at saving money which took me a while to learn. Some simple changes in our lifestyles without compromising with happiness can actually do wonders. So in today’s post I’m going to share 6 most effective money-saving tips that I learned in my 30s:

1.The Perfect Budget – Start your month with a perfect budgeting. You can make a journal for that or simply write down your expenses in a paper and stick it to a place from where you can easily track it. This will work as a financial plan to spend less than you earn and that’s the ‘budget’.  When you see your expenditures you can control it. If you want money then you have to accumulate money. Every time you get a pay cheque, keep it in your mind that you have spend less than you earn. For this set up your budget in such a way that you have to live on 90% of your income and put the remaining 10% into your savings. Plan it according to your necessity and demand. Maybe you can save 20% and live on 80% or 30:70 ratio.

2.Think Thrice Before Buying – This is so important when you have a proper financial plan. Just think thrice before buying anything. First think, do you really need it in your life? Secondly, how long you are planning to buy it? And thirdly ask yourself, is it a necessity or you simply want to enjoy your purchase for just overnight? Finally now it’s the time when you are totally prepared for buying. If your mind says to buy it and your soul brings you enormous happiness then don’t think further, just go for it.



3.Be A Cashback Queen – Cashback is something which makes us so happy while purchasing. Even lately I have realised that earning cashback is so freaking therapeutic. 😀 Give some time and try to find out those deals which give cashbacks because why not? These makes your buying experience much delightful and at the same time it gives the opportunity to buy more without investing more money.

4.Uninstall Unnecessary Apps – This trick is simply the best one and helped me to save much. You totally can’t resist yourself from buying unnecessary products without uninstalling unwanted apps. Except some necessary apps, like, which provides grocery, raw food ingredients, transports or anything related to your hobby, delete all the unnecessary ones. This makes a huge difference in your savings and expenditures. All you need to do is avoid the notifications of ‘discounts’.

5.Automate Your Savings – Automating your savings is another most effective way to increase your savings. If you are a freelancer just like me then your opportunity is much broader. Setting up a regular, automatic transfer from your checking account to one of the best interest rate savings accounts can find makes a huge difference to your savings. 

6.Research & Wait For A Great Deal – When you are planning to buy something of a higher budget then do a proper research. Search different authentic websites, tally the rates and go for the perfect rate. Here your work is not over. There are zillions of sales go throughout the year. Just keep patience and wait for the amazing offers. Who knows you might be a winner! 🙂

These are some simple yet effective ways to save money which I learned through my hard ways. Remember, saving money is equally important as staying happy. Prioritise accordingly. If you’re not happy while saving then it’s of no worth. So know your necessity and demand and enjoy saving!


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