In Sanskrit, ‘su’ is a prefix which means good, excellent, virtuous and beautiful. So you can easily guess what I’m going to talk about in today’s blog. It’s something that is related to good and as the title suggests it’s about healthy lifestyle. In the course of my reading of different ancient books, I come up with so many new things which always inspire me to write this type of blogs. In today’s blog I’m going to share 5 most amazing ‘S’ (su) which can actually help you get a better lifestyle.

Ayurveda is always very punctual about morning rituals. A quintessential morning ritual can bring all the sweetness to your entire day. Ayurveda says an ideal morning ritual is that which fills our five sense organs (indriyas) with something sweet before world takes over is a conscious act of allegiance to our perceptive self. Ayurveda suggests that the intake of positive energy at the beginning of the day will set the tone for what the universe will bring later and how we will receive it. Here’re the great five S:

Sugandha – In Sanskrit, ‘gandha’ means smell and Sugandha means a sweet, fragrant smell which is allegiance to the element of earth. According to Ayurveda, our morning should start with a sweet smell of flower or burning incense or candles or even sweet fresh air from nature. In the morning we Indians usually burn incense sticks (agarbati) or do some spiritual activities which gives sweet smells and brings you towards a great day.



Sumukha – ‘Mukh’ means mouth in Sanskrit. It tells us to taste something sweet . It can be a piece of any fruit, a piece of jaggery or even a sweet fragrant leaf like Tulsi. Tulsi has an allegiance to the element of water.



Sudrishti – ‘Dris’ means sight in Sanskrit. In the morning you need to see something that is pleasant to see. It can be the rising sun or mountains or forest. Or even you can see someone whom you adore the most, it can be your baby, your partner or your parents. Anything that pleases your eyes and inspires your mind. This meant to be a tribute to the element of fire.



Sukantha – ‘Kantha’, utterance. Sukantha gives you the voice which first uses by passing wind through the vocal cords for speaking virtuous words. It counts as an allegiance to the element of air. You can chant some mantras or some religious verses or sacred prayers or simply recite a poem. Pick up something which sounds sweet.



Sushabda – ‘Shabda’ means sound in Sanskrit. Sound is something which passes waves through our ears and Ayurveda makes allegiance to the elements of space here. In Hindu families we usually blowup ‘shankha’ (conch) in the early morning and evening. It creates Sushabda. Even some instrumental musics also pleases ears by giving Sushabdha.

There are so many ways to start your day. Western countries have their own ways, our country has our own and those are ancient but these are something which we can relate easily and leads us to a perplexing lifestyle. 



Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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