Since all the schools are closed and with an unsettled future of the opening of schools, I’m sure there are many parents who are actually enjoying spending more time with their kids. Although it’s a bit struggling now as they are only confined in our home without any connection with outer world. Now the question is how will we keep all our kiddos entertained to give a mentally healthy atmosphere whereas we also have our own professional life.
In today’s blog I’m sharing a kid-friendly craft idea to keep them occupied and happy. Also I have kept in my mind, to make it more budget-friendly as they should learn the value of everything. So I would suggest you all to use spare things as much as you can because valuing effort, love, creativity and passion is important and not expensive stuffs. I hope you will definitely enjoy doing this with your kid.



Age Group – 3+


Spare small box – 1
Coloured Chart Paper – A4 Size
Marble Paper – A4 Size
Colouring Pens
Artificial eyes for crafts




1.Take the box and measure 4 lines all around the box making a square or rectangle.
2. Cut out the marked part.
3.Measure the marble paper according to the box and paste it inside the box using glue.
4. Draw 3 small fishes in the chart paper and cut out.
5. Draw fish scales and attach the eye.
6. Now add a thread and attach with the upper part of the box.
7. Add chopped wool, marble paper, colouring pens and whatever you want to decorate.



The small, cute aquarium is ready. You can also teach your kid underwater environment using this. 🙂 Me and my daughter enjoyed the fullest while making it. Do you?


Photographs courtesy: Me
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