I heard so many times that being a mom is the most difficult part. But after I became a mother, I can truly relate with this. It’s a hard job. You become punctual in every single thing of your baby. Their health becomes the utmost priority to us and every time we put something in their skin or body, we can’t count exactly but don’t know how many times we read the ingredient list, right?
Believe me there is a gigantic world of Ayurveda which shows the broader road of home remedies. In this blog I’m going to share a simple face pack with you all which can be used in the your baby’s body as well without any hesitation.



Age: 3 years and above.

Yoghurt – 1 Tablespoon (In room temperature)
Honey – 1 Teaspoon
Turmeric – 1 inch (grated)



Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and apply on the skin. Do a patch test before applying.
Keep it for 10 minutes.
Wash with normal water. Do not rub.



This mixture will help to improve your baby’s skin quality. It will give moisture to the skin while leaving a glowing effect. Use in a gap of 15 days or more than two weeks. Turmeric and honey improves the texture of the skin and yoghurt soothes the baby skin. Children have natural oils in their skin, so a good practice would be to boost it and make sure the skin does not dry out. This pack will help to clean up the skin while giving the much-needed boost of oils.

These ingredients are simple and easily available in our kitchen but much effective to the skin. Avoid using any artificial products on their skin and give some healthy alternatives to your baby.
And later, it will definitely reward you back with the healthiest skin.



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