Bengal handloom is not only praised for its designs but also for the comfort it gives. Bengal handloom has beautifully modernised in last few years which makes it more interestingly smart and stylish. These handloom sarees are designed in different ways to make it more alluring in its own way.

These versatile and vibrant sarees give you a sophisticated yet traditional look. These cotton sarees are sometimes combined with silk and designed with artistic motifs, mostly geometrical. Again sometimes these saree are made with 100% pure khadi cotton. 

As handloom sarees are a traditional textile art of Bengal, the production of handloom sarees are important for economic development as well. Completion of a single saree takes two to three days of work. So to make it commercially viable, there are several contemporary options are coming into the market. Now a days these sarees are highly successful in commercial markets as these are much cheaper in price but looks elegant while giving the utmost comfort and another best part of these sarees is, it needs very less maintenance. Prices are starting from ₹500 and are perfect for busy days. 





Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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