Since our kids are in mostly home right now and truly we can’t get them outside, sometimes it’s becoming challenging for us to keep them motivated which brings them to a boring lifestyle for them as well. So it’s our responsibility to keep them motivated by engaging them in some constructive ways. Being a mother I know how difficult it is to keep our kids engaged while taking care of their mental health. In today’s blog I’m going to share 3 simple yet effective ways to keep our kids engaged by improving their mental health:

1.Give simple responsibilities – This is the best way to keep your kids engaged while making their responsible for their own. If we give them simple responsibilities like, cleaning a small table or watering plants everyday or simply partnering with you in your works, it will teach them how to perform in their life later and they feel great as they consider themselves as grown ups.



2.Spend time with doing crafts – I guess most of the kids love to do art and craft and it is also a great way to keep your kids engaged while improving their creativity level. Bright colours make them happy and let them feel amazing. Spend some time with your kids while doing some great art work. You can also encourage your kid further with framing and hanging some of their creativity. This improves their mental health.

3.Give their own wardrobes to organise – It might sounds crazy but this is a mind blowing way to keep our kids engaged. They will feel so much fun to do this. Let’s start with their own wardrobe and just look at the magic. This not only keeps them engaged but also teaches them discipline which is the most important element of a successful life. Right?



There are so many other ways. Like, gardening, playing simple games, dancing and many more. Every child is unique in their own way. That’s why I have shared these 3 basic ways which I guess, we can see in pretty much every child. Other than those, listen to your kids, their preferences and most importantly their own happiness and proceed with it. I hope you will also enjoy every moment spending time with your kids, just like our kids. 🙂

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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