I’m always very selective in choosing beauty products. Although it’s quite interesting to explore different beauty products through out the world. Recently what I have discovered is something which fulfilled these essence of my desire. Few days ago I have received a beauty package from a Korean beauty brand Skin18. And yes, my heart heart beats so fast when it comes to Korean brand.

A little cute package came to me containing five different beauty samples. I believe in regular proper skin care rather than using makeup products. So, this package really treated with me like a magic lamp. 5 different products and I’m assorted. Absolute Korean reflection on the entire package.
Starting with the Luke Lemon Tea Tree Nose Cleansing Strip, almost we all have the blackheads problem on our nose. This strip is a great answer to this problem. No scrubbing or messaging. Just peel the strip off the plastic coat, apply onto your nose and forget about it ( please make sure to be relaxed, relaxation is good for health 😀 ). Peel off the strip carefully and you can discover a blackheads free nose. Most of the black particles will come out, leaving a softer touch onto your nose.






Next one is Cucumber Bouncing Mask. This cucumber extract enriched product made me so happy. The mild essence of this mask left me so refreshed that I have got a lot of positive energy ( Yes, yes I know you have already seen those in my SnapChat > rudrita 😀 ). This face mask is really effective in my sensitive skin and hydrates my skin a lot which is so needful to the Indian summer time. This mask is a daily care product and inclusion in your daily skin care routine is worth enough.






Acai Berry is one of my favourite. Following by this my next skin care product is Acai Berry Real Nature Mask Pack. This dermatologist tested product is an actual wonder. Enriched with Vitamin A, C and E acai berry has a great influence to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin, leaving a glowing effect on it. This mask sheets are easy to use and easy to carry also ( in case you are traveling). The mask is a full package of unique properties to make your skin healthier.


My next product is kind of ‘Awwww’ 😉 . Containing a super cute animal face mask. Yes! That is a  Animal Cutie Mask Pack Anti-aging Horse Oil. Clean your face in a proper manner, apply this cute mask evenly throughout your face and keep it for 10 to 20 minutes. Pull it off gently and clean up your face. This mask improves the skin quality and reduces the wrinkles giving a healthy and bright skin texture.


Coming to the next, the last product is from Ben & Sera. Don’t get panic by its syringe like appearance. Nothing to be afraid of 😀 . This is another Mr. Charming from Skin 18 (may be Mrs. Charming 😉 ). I love this kind of specific products. What you need to do is just push the plunger to come out the serum onto your face where your ageing problem is worst. Beside helping on your anti-ageing problems, this serum helps in whitening and moisturising the skin.


The package is full of surprises and new experiences for my daily skin care routine. A nice  journey to go over with a new brand !

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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