Sharing some of my current favourite styling for this Durga Puja. These are easy to DIY, simple to follow but it will make a huge change to the interior of your house. Every year Durga Puja comes with revamping our homes. So for this year here we go with some effortless home decor ideas to revamp our homes…

1. Colour Scheme – For a perfect head-to-toe makeover of your home, the first step is choosing a specific palette. It can be specifically for a room or for the entire house. It will automatically change the looks of different rooms. You can choose any basic colour scheme or a vibrant one. This will reflect on the each element of your rooms. Not necessarily you have to colour your house for this. You can just simply play with the colour you already have on your walls.



2. Textures – After choosing a colour scheme, next you have to add some texture on wherever it needed. Neutrals decor are interesting to work with. In that case you can put some velvet fabrics, distressed velvets, open-weave linens, raw silk or even khaki cottons as well. These are quiet inexpensive but gives nice textures. Use those special fabrics on your decor. Even you can also put some matte sheens or lustrous sheens so that it could absorb lights and reflects that. These days wallpapers are too easy to get and you can apply yourself only (there are plenty of YouTube videos on that). With that you can also create some textures on walls.



3. Bedding & Canopy – Bed is the best place to work when it comes to bedroom makeover. If you have a budget then consider a new one. New bedding can create an absolute new look to the room. But if don’t have any plan to do so then change the game of bedding using new bed sheets, blankets and pillow covers. You can go from primary to pastel any shade for your bedding. Beside these if you want your master bedroom to be the ultimate romantic serene escape then just hanging a canopy is the swiftest way to achieve that. This glamorous bohemian element gives a nice vibe to your bedroom.



4. Cushions – I have found something really weird! 😀 One pair of cushions always gives a scanty look. So rather than putting a pair of cushions, use two or more than two pairs of cushions in contrasting patterns, textures and colours. Even you can use one or two pop up colours on the cushions. Cushions are very inexpensive now-a-days. You can also DIY those. You can easily found a lot of blogs on that.



5. Wall Art – Even though everything in your traditional room is undeniably stylish, adding a unique wall art draws the eyes to that particular space. You can buy different wall arts online or offline. Even you can create yourself also with an empty canvas.



6. Reading Corner – If book is something that always attracts you then you have to be very passionate about making this space so special. The most important part of any reading corner is unquestionably the seating arrangement. Choose a comfortable chair for your reading area. It can be a new rocking chair or simply refurbish your old grandfather’s vintage chair to create that perfect set up. If you are in tight-budget then you can go for a bean-bag as well.



7. Bar – Make a small bar counter in your living room. It will instantly give a luxurious revamp to your living room. If you are not an alcohol-lover then also you can make this. It would be an attraction point for your guests.



8. Rug – Add a properly-sized area rug to your room. It will make your room look bigger and luxurious. Make sure to choose the perfect size and colour of the rug that goes well with your interior. Choose the one which fits your lifestyle and household so that it lasts for a real good time. So plan properly before investing in rugs because it changes the entire scenario of the room and inject some interesting elements.



9. Mirrors – Mirrors are something that gives a nice dimension to your room. Simply putting a big mirror on an empty wall makes it look gorgeous. You can also try large mirror sheets. It creates a nice pattern in the room. Just putting up a big mirror, suddenly you got a vignette instead of simply a plain surface. Wall mirrors also make rooms feel bigger. At the same time it also gives a luxury vibe throughout the room.



10. Lights – Lights or chandeliers are something that revamp your home promptly. You can’t even think how different your living or bed room look when some unique lights put or hung from the ceiling . Trust me, suddenly you could find one of the favourite corner of the room.



11. Fresh Flowers – You will definitely be amazed to see how fresh flowers can do wonders to your home. This is mostly important if your rooms are of neutral colour scheme. Bright fresh flowers can easily change the whole look of the house. Those are minimalist yet strong notes of home decor. Just add colourful blossoms once or twice in a week to keep it lively.



12. Houseplants – Houseplants gives too much positivity throughout the room. It not only generates oxygen and eliminates toxins from the air but also gives freshness to your mind and soul. Just grab some plants from any local nursery store or online shop and put it in your room. It will promptly revamp your room.



I hope this post will help you in a different way. All the images are from Pinterest. You can check out my ‘Lifestyle’ board in Pinterest to get more inspiration like this.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Write me at rudrita.chatterjee@gmail.com

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