Choosing a perfect undergarments is not an easy deal. Only a woman can understand how tough it is to get that bra which fits flawlessly and the panty which gives the ultimate comfort. Are you that woman who is still searching for those undergarments which they dreamt of? Are you that person who can spend hours scrolling down the lingerie website or app? Well- then this post will be your quintessential guide to rescue yourself.


  1. T-Shirt Bra – The T-Shirt bra is a must-have undergarment for your wardrobe. These bras are typically seamless, so it doesn’t show any impression over the top. Perfect for tee or fitted t-shirts. The best part of these bras is these are so comfortable and can be worn with almost any garment (except backless, off-shoulder).

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  1. Strapless Bra – As off shoulders are too much into fashion now, invest in a good strapless bra. This will help you to wear all those off-shoulder, halter necks, cut-away tops, normal t-shirts and so on. You can also try convertible bras and buy some colourful straps to get a nice edgy look. It will be a two-in-one situation.

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  1. Sports Bra – ‘Sports Bra’ doesn’t mean for only those workout days. Several studies said that wearing sports bra could be a good alternative of regular bras. Investing in a good sports bra can help you in different ways: it gives much comfort than any regular bra and helps prevent sagging on a long-term.

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  1. Push Up Bra – These bras are ideal for your date nights. It gives that perfect shape and make you instantly sexy and charming. Try to pair a push up bra with a plunging neckline outfit to make it more appealing.

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  1. Comfort Fit – These comfort fit panties could be worn under most outfits and it gives that comfort which will help you to feel easy. It won’t give any bulky look on your waist line which usually mid-waist or low-waist panties do. 

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  1. Thongs – Thongs are something that you need some time to used to it. But once you get adjusted with it, it will give you nice comfort. In a nutshell, these panties are the triangular piece of cloth with narrow waistband or string. These are best for skin-fitting dresses or trousers when you wouldn’t want to show your panty-lines. G-string thongs are also a good option to choose.

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  1. Bikini – If you think these are only for your beach vacations then you are going wrong. These panties have soft elastic waistbands and its coverage goes somewhere between thongs and briefs. So it gives that comfortably sexy look.

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  1. Boy Shorts – These are comparatively new addition in undergarments section. These are super comfortable and helps to get that perfect curvy look. 

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Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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