Last night I have completed watching Masaba Masaba on Netflix and trust me, as a woman I can give you a thousand reasons to watch this series. There might be some mindset to think about this auto-fiction show like it’s about how the upperclass of the society behaves or their ‘filmy’ lifestyles but the actual picture is quite different. This show is absolutely a blow of fresh air in today’s society. Two charming, successful women of two different ages and both are uniquely and supremely talented in their own way. Neena Gupta, a successful commercial and art house Bollywood actress of her time and now her daughter, Masaba is one of the most accomplished fashion designers of India. Let’s discover some worthwhile moments of this series:



1.A Story of Independent Women – As both the reel life and real life protagonists are equally independent and talented, you actually have so many things to learn from them. It will teach how to deal with your personal problems while you have so many professional responsibilities. Moreover there’s a strong flavour of a life of an entrepreneur where you come to know about how to make the most out of it. When it comes to Neena Gupta, you can see how she is still struggling in her 60s for her career although she is a successful actress. This teaches what patience means and how finally your fate bounces back to you only with positivity. Masaba Gupta’s bar-owning friend Gia is also a very intrigue character indeed. The way she is trying to uplift her family business is nothing but an example of extraordinary woman.



2. Some Bad Reality of Upper-Class Society – The series shows us some darkness of the upperclass society. There’s a scene when Masaba went to Shibani Dandekar’s art exhibition and she forcefully buys a piece spending lakhs which is not worthy enough. Just to keep the status maintained, Masaba has to buy it and this screams how the upper-class society maintains their class. I feel it quite ridiculous. This series also tells some nasty politics of Bollywood, award shows and anxieties of the mentioned class.



3. Mother-Daughter Duo – The story is like a saga of mother-daughter duo. The chemistry between the real-life mother-daughter duo with the reel-life duo is stunningly relatable. There’s a scene where a weepy Masaba came on the doorstep of Neena’s house and she offers her a paratha. No matter from which social class do you belong but you can definitely relate this with yourself. We, Bengalis used to say this ‘Maa er haater khabar’, is not only a phrase but also the warmth of relationship. You can find many other glimpses throughout the 6 episodes which tells you about the mother-daughter bonding.



4. A Portraiture of Good & Bad about Social Media – Social media plays a vital role in this series. Instagram which appears to drive the world we live in, Masaba announces her divorce on that and later, we can see that it is the Instagram which rescues her from a disastrous fashion show. There are so many other incidents which are Insta-oriented ( checking DM and went for several dates and others). Director made a gratifying balance between good and bad part of social media which is so important in today’s life.



5. A Fun Story – Many of the situations the two women find themselves in are far-fetched and even unrealistic which makes the story, fun and breezy with just the perfect dose of emotions and drama. It literally makes the show funny, joyful and colourful. And laughing is a therapy, right? 😀

6. Ideal Combination of Two Successful Women – Masaba is truly a real surprise package altogether. She is a natural in front of the camera and this fashion icon just nailed the way she approached. The story is an ideal combination of two successful women and their success stories. Both find their own ways of living in their own terms and they succeed and says how every elements of life is important to survive.



Director Sonam Nair did a fine-knitted work while making the story. Although she has only showed the sweet cream part of the protagonist’s lives while prominently omitting the sour cream of their lives. But do we really need to see the dark holes? One thing which disappointed me is the series doesn’t throw enough light on how Masaba’s creative process behind those celebrated designs. Although series is full of hope, livelihood, independence and above all a story of strong women duo and absolutely worth watching. So don’t think further and start watching. Wait! Wait! Just grab some snacks and wine! 😀



Photographs courtesy: Netflix
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