In today’s world ‘vegan’ is a much familiar word and it’s becoming a sudden habit without knowing so much about this. Vegetarians behaves like ‘holier than thou’ whereas non-vegetarians claim to be the healthiest and fittest. I’m not going to the religious, philosophical or psychological part of this debate and just sharing my point of view about the mentioned topic where the question is whether my body is compatible with the particular food habit or not. So let’s discover some interesting aspects of our food habits.
Vegetarian meals are good until you get the proper nutrients. Here my point is, most of the Indian vegetarian foods are overcooked which destroy a great amount of nutrients. If your vegetarian meal is consists 50% to 60% of raw uncooked ingredients then you will be in your best health. Organic food ingredients can be the best option for this. Proper amount of organic food inclusion in your diet helps to fight against B-12 deficiencies and other kinds of problems.



There’s a myth about vegetarians that a vegetarian diet develops protein deficiencies or anaemia. But it’s proven that not at all true. If your diet includes a sufficient amount of nuts, lentils, sprouted grams, some amount of cereal and honey, you will have a full diet. Your nutrient or protein requirement will be taken care of perfectly. But make sure to conscious about what you eat, your diet should have a variety of foods.
As non-vegetarian foods are full of nutritional source, you don’t need to worry about nutritional deficiencies. Best vegetarian diets need more awareness while consuming and cooking as well. The process from choosing food ingredients to cooking till consuming demands a certain level of attention and concentration.
And finally, listen to your body, follow what it says and choose the right path to be fit and healthy.


Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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