I have a fashion project named ‘Best out of Waste’ when I was in my college and it was quite an interesting project indeed as ‘recycling’ is something which always captivates me. Now also I love to make useful things out of waste products. In today’s blog I’m going to share a simple DIY of a cardboard container out of a waste product.
This cardboard container comes with cookies that I bought earlier. We usually throw it away after having the cookies, right? But next time when you are having your cookies, make sure to keep the container to reuse. 🙂 I liked this container as it has a quite sturdy lead and inside it has pretty decent storage space. So let’s start:

Any waste container
Jute rope
Decorative Laces
Acrylic Colour
Painting Brush




1.Take the lead out from the container and keep aside.
2.Now apply glue on the surface of the container and start sticking the rope over it.


3.Complete applying from the bottom to the top gradually.




4.After sticking the rope completely, keep it aside for 5 minutes so that it can dry.


5.Take a decorative lace and stick it to the top and bottom of the container.



6.Apply glue in a nice pattern throughout the body of the container and stick pearl beads.
7.Let it dry.


8.Take white acrylic colour and colour the lead.
9.Let it dry and your beautiful storage container is ready to use.




It’s so easy to make but looks beautiful. You can keep small things like hair clips, hair bands and other small accessories in it. Do you like it?



Photographs courtesy: Me
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