Cleaning and organising is just a huge part of my life. I love cleaning and disinfecting and it’s not at all a COVID 19’s lesson to me. It’s one of my favourite things to clean everything. For this I always have a sanitizing basket for me in my home and I always try to keep it refilled all the time. Now when the world is just getting mad with sanitising and all, I thought to share my sanitisation basket with you all. Hope it may help you in some way in this crucial time. So in today’s blog I’m going to share what I have in my sanitisation basket:

Disinfectant Liquid – Talking about liquid ‘all rounder’ disinfectant is Dettol and trust me it is my childhood love. 😀 In my childhood whenever I was travelling, I always carry a spray bottle filled in Dettol and kept it in my bag. My relationship with Dettol is just like that. So when it comes to liquid disinfectant I always keep a big bottle of Dettol. Since now it’s hard to get the classic one, currently I’m using this menthol one. Savlon liquid is also a great option.



Disinfectant Spray – The next thing which I keep in my basket is disinfectant spray. It’s a great saviour for a person like me because almost every other day I receive some packages (PR packages and others) and I have to spray all over the packages. So it’s a great thing to keep as I suppose everyone is doing online shoppings most of the time now-a-days. Here I keep 2 bottles as smaller ones are easier to carry. Currently I’m using this Dabur one but I already have Dettol and Salvon spray in my stock. 😛



Air Sanitizer – This might sounds a bit underrated but it’s truly important. Everyday just after my house help goes back, I spray it almost all around my home. Beside that, if you have plumber, electrician or any other emergency need, you should spray everywhere in your home for that extra safety. This Dabur one also comes in other variant but don’t know why I smell both the same.



Vegetables & Fruit Disinfectants – This is a new inclusion in my sanitisation basket. I’m using it for couple of days now and it’s quite good. Earlier I was only sanitising my fruits and vegetables with turmeric water.



Hand Sanitizer – Next is hand sanitizers. The orange is from Himalaya and in gel formula. Another one is from a brand called, Glide. Recently they have sent me their kit. It has a liquid hand sanitiser which is in liquid formula and works pretty good. They also have a nice kit which contains 3 reusable triple layer premium cotton face masks, 1 bottle of hand sanitizer and 14 pairs of HDPE one time use gloves and the entire kit is priced only at ₹330. I think it’s a great deal to go for.
You can buy HERE.



Disinfectant Tablets – This is quite new for me. I received this in a PR kit and believe me, I was quite astonished with it. This one tablet has so many uses, like, to clean and disinfect home surfaces, to clean fruits and vegetables, to household and bathroom water and many more. Marketing industry is bringing their stomach out in this situation, I must say. 😀
You can check our the website HERE.

Gloves – The last thing is disposable gloves. It is something we all need right now. Couple of pairs would be great.

These are the things which I keep in my sanitisation basket. Am I missing something? 😀
Photographs courtesy: Me
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