First aid kit is always important: do I need to say it ‘formally’ ? You people are thinking, I’m talking gibberish, right? But no, that’s not my today’s point to talk. Today I’m going to share a full first aid kit details just for the kids. Being a parent I know how difficult is to arrange everything which is just for our kids. I made this kit when my baby was of 2 months and from then I always keep it updated as it not only give everything in particular space but also keeps you relaxed.
So let’s see what I keep in my kid’s first aid kit:

1.Anti-Bacterial Liquid – Always keep a Dettol or Savlon which works as anti-bacterial liquid or cleanser.

2. Antiseptic Cream/ Powder – Antiseptic cream like Boroline or Boroplus should be there in your kid’s first kit. It cures so many things in one go. Like, rashes, cut or slight tears.

3. Cotton Balls & Earbuds – This makes to first aid kit complete. 🙂

4. Gauze – For that extra protection.

5. Band-Aids – Keep it in enough quantity as you never know when you need it.

6. Insect Repellant Cream/ Spray – Our kid’s skins are way more than sensitive and we sometimes we really need these to protect them from insects and mosquitos.

7. Some Basic Medication – Keep some basic medications for cough, cold, fever, pain and vomit for more precautions.

8. Thermometer – Thermometer is much important.

Beside these I always keep couple of home remedies in small containers which works great on kid’s skin and heals promptly . Like, organic aloe vera gel, virgin coconut oil.

A perfect basic first aid kit is very important for our kids. I hope your kid never need it in their lives. Wish them a very healthy and happy lives ahead !



Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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