It’s been almost 9 months when we last visited somewhere without the threat of COVID-19. So finally when gradually the situation is progressing towards good, we made a plan to go for a small getaway to sea. Although it was a one-day trip. Last week we went to Bakkhali and it was so freaking amazing to be there. In today’s blog I’m going to share some details as well as some glimpses of our trip.

How to go?
We went in our own car as it is the safest way to travel anywhere now. So if you have your own car, go ahead with that or else it is nicely connected through Kolkata. Roads are great. You can also travel in bike. Although there are no direct trains from Kolkata to Bakkhali. However you can take a train from Kolkata to Namkhana and from there you can hire a cab. The distance between Kolkata to Bakkhali is 132 km. There’s also an option to travel which is bus. There’s quite a number of buses from Esplanade (Kolkata) to Bakkhali and back.





Bakkhali is a small village in the coast of the Bay of Bengal. The beach is calm and beautiful. Low wave, white sand, lonely beach, red crab, blue sky, nice breeze, nature and birds – a perfect combination to spend the weekend. You can also enjoy sea bath.
Check fever reflux time before planning your trip (if you are planning a day trip) as the sea goes far away from the beach in reflux and comes back to its place in fever.





Sight Seeings:
If you are not going by car then you can hire rickshaw or auto which are available at doorstep to visit local spots like Banbibi Temple, Benfish Jetty, Forest, Frezergunj, Henry Island, Jammudwip, Kargil Beach etc.

In today’s situation, it’s good to take food by yourself only. I have prepared all our food for the trip and packaged securely. But if you are staying for more than a day then it’s not possible to carry your food. Most of the hotels provide food to their tourists. Beside that there are few restaurants around Bus Stand. Restaurants here are full of delicious fish items at moderate rate.






Bakkhali is full of hotels and we saw so many on the making. The place is not of star hotels. Government Tourist Lodge is a good option which is located quite near to beach having huge area with garden, perfectly suitable for family. We didn’t have any prior booking for the lodge and we didn’t get any reservations there. So make sure to book your stay before starting. One of the security persons of the lodge suggested us to go ahead towards the sea beach as there couple of hotels to stay. We went ahead and got an amazing hotel just next to the sea beach. It just takes 1 minute walk to be in the sea beach. We just went there to freshen up as we returned back on the same day.

It is a place of beautiful handmade products, mostly based on sea products. Simple yet elegant items to carry along with you as a momentum. I picked up couple of things from local market. There’s a good local market where you can get small shops to food stalls to auto-rickshaw.



This is our experience at Bakkhali. Spent a great Sunday over there. Locals are friendly in nature and altogether it was a perfect place to enjoy calm sea beach.



Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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