Happy 2021 everybody! May God fill your life with millions of illuminating lamps, endless joy, prosperity, health and wealth.
In 2020 I have taken the challenge to read 20 books whereas I ended up reading 75 books in this year. Altogether it was a great reading year and I read so many amazing books. Although I didn’t read anything in the last two months in 2020. In today’s blog I’m going to share my favourites amongst all those. Let’s start:



I Wrote This for You by Iain S. Thomas –  This book is just a piece of art. This book is a combination of poetry and photographs. The book describes the beauty of our lives which brings you to an emotional journey of random things. A must read if you want to taste some surreal feelings.



The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa – A beautiful, poignant saga of cat, human and their unique journey. Their last & most adventurous journey together creates perfect character sketches of both man, companion and all those they come in contact with, human or otherwise. The closing chapter had me in tears. A great work indeed.

Alik Manush by Syed Mustafa Siraj – I just fell in love with this book. For me the book is author Sayed Mustafa Siraj’s one of the finest works. The characters are so passionately portrayed and not a single point you could find monotony. The book is so informative and a tightly knitted epic saga which draws a unique illustration of society, people, philosophy,history religion (mainly based on Islam, Hinduism and Brahmo ). Believe me, one of the finest book that I ever read.



Mandela’s Way: Lessons on Life, Love and Courage by Richard Stengel – An incredible work. Well-conveyed and written. An inspirational synthesis of Nelson Mandela’s amazing approach to life. I learned so much about this influential man. This provides an intimate look into the life of a husband, father, activist, humanitarian of this great man! It makes you reflect on your own life challenges and outlook. A must read!



Siddhartha by Herman Hesse – My love for Hesse has grown with this book. I fell completely helpless while reading it and kept thinking about Siddhartha’s life. This is spiritual, honest, beautiful, balanced, unique in every way. This is a book about a boy trying to find out who he is, this awakening book is about sins and regrets and sacred thoughts and sacred acts of love, kindness and hatred. I loved this, adored this, felt along with this.



Kohinoor by William Dalrypmle – Being Indian, Kohinoor’ is always a sentimental matter for me. And so this book indulged me in every words. This book mix of myth, history, religion, and culture which provides a wealth of information. A well researched book and absolutely worth reading.



Food Path by Pushpesh Pant and Huma Mohsin – I  have always been into food books lately and reading this book is perfectly fascinating. I always love to cook, read and research on ancient foods and food habits. This book is just that and simply much more than a cookbook. It is a piece of ethnographic research that revolves around food as it is encountered along the Grand Trank Road. The recipes are genuine with nice incorporation of local images. I just bought this book for the author, Pushpesh Pant, Padma Shri and noted Indian academic, food critic and historian. India Cookbook, is another must for Indian food lovers.



Palamou by Sanjib Chandra Chattopadhyay – This might be considered as the oldest book on Bengali travel writings and the first successful travel story of Bengali literature is the first publication of Palamau Biswasahitya Kendra. The book is written about the Cole race who became known during their travels to Palamou. In this short 36-page book, the author discusses his travels, acquaintance with the Cole people, their marriage, financial status and existence. Great read!

শেষের কবিতা by Rabindranath Tagore – ‘Shesher Kobita’ translated as the ‘The last poem’ is a unique amalgamation of poetry with prose. A beautiful love story, through which Tagore brings forth his philosophy love, its bindings and liberation. The exchanges between Amit and Lavanya, through poetry, is magical, surreal and a blend of faith and realisation. A must read, re-read and treasure.



Meditations by Marcus Aurelius – You people already know how much I’m inspired by Marcus Aurelius‘s philosophy and this book also didn’t disappoint me at all. The book moves into discussions over the temporary nature of things, relationships and feelings. Love the wisdom that runs through this book. It’s simple yet very effective one. Make the most of everything and everyone, of every situation that life throws your way because when they have passed, we may not get them again. Absolutely stunning book.




These are my favourites. Let me know yours. 🙂

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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